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Curious about nuts, fruits and weight loss

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    Originally posted by chickenbackside View Post
    For me personally, it's hard to stop at a handful of nuts or blueberries. It tend to be the whole bag or 2 pummels, then I'd go to the store and buy more and finish those. I won't stop til I'm burping up nuts/fruit.

    I hear ya. What helps me, is I keep most things frozen. I freeze my blueberries and strawberries. I keep my sliced almonds in the freezer. Then when I go to make my yogurt, I measure out my allotted amounts, and then put it right back in the freezer. If I didnt measure, or if they were out somewhere handy, I would probably be popping them all day long.

    Since I track everything, I just need to know the exact amount so I think twice about just grabbing a handful, because then I have to go try to figure out how to track it.
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      Nuts are tough for me, because unless you measure, it is waaaaay too easy to eat too many and consume too many calories. Presently, I am finding that eating fruit daily is keeping me happy, which means I just have to be mindful of the overall calories and snacking.
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        At first I thought nuts were the problem, but turns out that for me anyway (I guess everybody reacts a bit differently to foods), fructose is the culprit for not losing fat, or for gaining it. If you like having fruit every day, stick to low fructose fruits like berries.

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          Thanks for the info everyone! I appreciate it!


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            I try to limit fruits and nuts to pre and post workout meals so those calories and fruit sugars are used for energy during my workouts, and are utilized as recovery foods afterwards. And, like stated above, combining them with other foods seems to work well for me.
            I limit them on rest days and in meals that are not "around workout" meals, sticking with meat, veggies and fats.
            Eating fruits and/or nuts by themselves as a snack is a recipie for an all-out binge for me.