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  • Canned clams

    I'm trying to diversify my Primal menu and splurged on a can of clams today. What on earth do you do with such things? Your culinary expertise is kindly requested!!!!!!

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    I don't use them because I don't eat out of cans anymore (not a judgement thing, just a personal preference), but my dad used to make both red and white sauces to put over pasta. The white sauce was just the clams, some olive oil, garlic, oregano - standard Italian spices.

    I'm guessing you don't eat pasta, but that white sauce would probably work great with a veggie saute. I have no idea how clams would taste with coconut oil.
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      I don't eat out of cans, generally, speaking. However, I'd rinse them, and give them a quick fry in butter or coconut oil and eat, as is. PEI serves them like this all the time.
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        Yeah, the clam sauce is good. Now I'm in the mood for linguini with clams made with zucchini "noodles" of course. My mother would mix a can of clams with a package of cream cheese and a dash of worcestershire and we'd eat that with corn chips. Gotta find something else to eat it with.
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          I make a clam sauce and either put it with rice noodles or drink it like a soup.
          saute onions, in olive oil and butter til soft
          then garlic, add white wine (pinot grigio works nice or a little lemon juice), add the juice from the can and let reduce slightly,
          some crushed red pepper flakes, oregano, pepper,
          throw in clams just to heat them up (they are already cooked), take off heat, add some chopped parsley and either romano or parmesan (if you're not a "true" Italian).
          I'm getting hungry.