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Irratic hunger?

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  • Irratic hunger?

    Quite frequently people post here about how their hunger has abated since going Primal (and becoming a "fat burner"). My own experience hasn't been so clear cut. Granted, I used to be very dependent on my three-meals-a-day (waiting all day for meal times, and going into panic mode if I didn't eat like clockwork), and that's definitely shifted.

    But now, some days I'm not hungry at all, and can easily go til lunchtime without any food, or only eat one meal. Then other days I am ravenous, and demolish breakfast at 6am, and feel hungry again in a few hours. Is this just part of the transitional phase?

    If it's relevant - my exercise regime is pretty consistent (an hour of Yoga per day - half of which is lifting my own body weight), and my diet is predominantly eggs, fatty fish, fermented veggies, raw veggies, herbs, occasional dairy. I'm about 19% body fat.

    Edit: Sorry about the spelling mistake in the post title! Can't figure out how to change it?
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    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

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    Some days I'm hungrier than others. I just roll with it.


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      I still have that too months after cutting grains and am not sure what to make of it. It makes me a bit insecure, I am doing it right or not? I eat quite some carbs (in the form of veggies and some dairy) and blame it on that sometimes. I have it more when my first meal of the day isn't fat enough. But lately I noticed that when I give in to the hunger and have a good primal meal at those hungry times, even if it is close to another meal, I am good for hours.

      I'll be checking other comments here, as I am quite curious on the subject.

      Best regards,


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        The hardest thing for me ever was conforming to three meals a day. Just naturally, I like one big meal late in the day, and one small meal (almost a snack, except healthir) even later in the day. Once away from parental control, I never ate breakfast, though I can be lured to the most decadent of brunches on a Sunday.

        I think maybe Grok ate when food was available and so surely wasn't on a schedule. Big honkin' eats when the tribe brought down big game, lots of veggies and fruit when the season was right, lots of fasting when food was tougher to get.

        If you're not gaining or losing weight in an unhealthy manner, and your general health is good, I wouldn't worry that your hunger isn't on a 9to5 schedule.
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          I'm 6 weeks primal and have naturally gravitated towards 2 meals a day. My first is breakfast around 11am and dinner around 6pm. Some nights, I'm not that hungry for dinner. I don't snack either. My breakfast is large --- eggs, bacon/meat, Kelfir, handful of blueberries. My overall calorie intake is 1000 -1200 per day and that seems just fine for my needs. I exercise daily (either walking, power hill works and/or body weights). I eat much less now than I did while consuming wheat.
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            I eat pretty often I find, actually. It's frustrating but I'm only on my second week. I have a protein smoothie with coconut milk (not the pure one, the coconut drink that people seem to dislike :P I like it though), banana and almond butter (delicious, by the way), then a handful of nuts and a piece of cheese before lunch, at lunch it's often eggs and bacon or a zucchini bake (a la PB Cookbook)... then I will have dinner which is usually meat and veggies of some sort and another serving of nuts (1/3 cup) and some fruit (not a lot) before I go to bed. I don't know if it's a lot of food but my body asks for it and I give it food. :P

            Maybe there's something else that is priming your hunger? I find eggs and bacon surprisingly fills me up the least!


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              I was that way for a while. Hungry as heck one day, not so hungry the next. The thing is when you're hooked on sugar and the blood sugar rollercoaster you don't really know hunger. You know a chemical trigger to eat, but not real hunger. As you come down off that, you learn all over again. Hungry doesn't happen every couple of hours. It happens when it happens. Eventually for me those days of low hunger pretty much wore off and now they are pretty rare. So I enjoy them when I get them.
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                Even when I was eating VLC, I never got the appetite suppression many people say they get from being in ketosis.
                Pms kicks my butt. I can eat half a cow a day for a few days, then once TOM arrives I'm perfectly fine with 1300 - 1500 calories.

                One thing that has helped me a lot is IF. I just eat twice a day, lunch at 1:30 - 2pm and dinner before 7. I have to make sure I eat nice sized dinner, or I'll rummage through my fridge and pantry late at night.


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                  Originally posted by YogaBare View Post
                  But now, some days I'm not hungry at all, and can easily go til lunchtime without any food, or only eat one meal. Then other days I am ravenous, and demolish breakfast at 6am, and feel hungry again in a few hours. Is this just part of the transitional phase?
                  I call those my "hungry days".

                  My theory is that this is a more normal eating pattern than three squares a day or every 3-4 hours, and when we get off the blood sugar roller coaster, the pattern re-emerges. If you have kids, you know this is how toddlers and preschoolers eat (often to the dismay of their parents).

                  I just eat WHEN.


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                    I have been primal for 9 months.

                    My normal breakfast is 2 eggs fried in a bit of bacon grease and 2 sausage patties. On Fridays, my company offers free fruit (and donuts and bagels) so I generally have a bowl of fruit. When I eat the bowl of fruit, I start to get hungry by 11 AM. When I don't eat the fruit, I could sometimes forget to eat lunch.

                    Even aside from these carb induced hungry spells, I find that how much I feel like eating varies a lot from day to day. I have come to think of this as normal.


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                      My experience: I'm hypoglycemic -- or was. I was primal for over a year and experienced your exact issue -- it really frustrated me, as I like to IF overnight until lunch. I've found that once I got all the sugar out of my diet -- including fruit -- and increased the fat (I already had a lot of protein), I can go for hours somewhat reliably. Every now and again, I'm really hungry. So be it. I eat. I eat two to three meals on weekends, two meals on weekdays. But I do think the sugar affected my insulin, and the increase in fat satiated me so much more. I now "get" the IF concept and how folks can go for hours without hunger.

                      Hope that helps in some way.
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