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Primal eating for IVF, anyone?

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  • Primal eating for IVF, anyone?

    We're gearing up for our second - and final - round. We have two children already, and I'm 41, so this is just the last little attempt before moving on.

    For Round 1, I switched to Primal and had much, MUCH better results than my Dr. anticipated. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky enough to get pregnant, but it still went far better than we could have hoped. During that round, I did acupuncture and followed the Primal Blueprint as far as nutrition, which I believe can only have helped things along.

    I start Round 2 this month and I am going to do a repeat by sticking with PB etc. Has anyone else done this for IVF? Thoughts? Tips? Links?

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    I've had anecdotal reports of chiropractic care increasing fertility in quite a few women. A good friend of mine's wife got pregnant after nearly 8 years of trying not long after she started getting adjusted (1-2months). It was no fact they had more or less given up. It was just a happy side effect of improved nerve and joint function in that area. Seems like if you are willing to give acupuncture a go then this may also be up your alley. Of course any and everything that improves your health state should enhance your chances. Best of luck!


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      Thanks so much, neckhammer. My problem is unfortunately entirely chromosomal due to age. There is a wonderful chiro in my town, however, so it can't hurt to check in with her.


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        I've had friends have success conceiving after trying to for awhile by taking maca. From what I understand, it helps by "normalizing" your hormones, for both men and women. It's a natural food, a tuber I think, so it can't hurt to add it to what you're already doing...
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