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What to eat when sick?

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  • What to eat when sick?

    Si, I went to the doctor because of headaches and swollen throat. She told me it's a bit red and that it is a virus, probably the flu.

    What would be the best things to eat to boost my immune system? Things that won't take too much energy to digest also since I want that energy to go killing that damn virus...

    Any suggestions?

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    I know this is gonna fly in the face of your question....but fast. Water only. Period. You ever notice that when your truly sick...your not hungry? This is your body telling you to quit eating and spend available energy battling your illness. Hope this helps...

    Also..have you ever seen your dog/cat sick...they don't eat. Hard to argue with nature that hasn't been inundated with media telling you their version of why.


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      I actually eat nothing, I fast & flood my body with water.. Try to give the digestive system a break, so the immune system can fight virus or infection.. Digesting food takes a lot of energy away from resources that could be working to fight the illness.. So rest the digestive system, detoxify the body, & promote some inner "stillness".. Works for me


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        Bone broth
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          i had the flu on sunday ( ok i probably had it for a long time but it took me down like a linebacker on sunday...) I showed that bitch the door with 35grams of vitamin C and 10 grams of various sulphur containing supplements and 100,000 iu of Vitamin D.

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            I agree, watch animals, they fast and rest.
            If you feel like you'll die without food,
            eat a scrambled egg on Ezekiel toast w/OJ and vitamin.
            Lunch could be a chicken breast with veggies.
            Light supper of cottage cheese and cantaloupe.


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              If you are not really hungry, don't eat. I never could understand why people eat bread or crackers when sick. Try to drink some fluids, though.


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                I generally make a soup if I'm not feeling well (which has been a long time). Bones broth, veggies and meat (usually chicken). If you're not hungry, then just have water. Get lots of sleep!!
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                  ok thx!
                  I ate nothing for a whil but then got a bit hungry. I will try to listen to my body.