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Is my butter grass-fed?

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  • Is my butter grass-fed?

    hey guys, I live in Ireland, and i generally assumed all butter was grass-fed. The butter we get here is a dark yellow, unlike the white kind i see pitctures of from the US. Is it only in the US that cattle are grain-fed or would Irish butter be grain fed too?

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    I believe Kerry-gold is often heralded as the grain free god of butter.
    North American butter is often paler and not as creamy because it has a lower butter fat content. After living in the UK, I am now back in Canada and the best substitute for European butter is cultured butter.
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      Yea i have heard about kerrygold, but where i'm from most people eat a brand called the golden cow, which i can't tell for sure if it's grass fed or grain fed, they don't have a website. I tried phoning them, and the person i contacted wasn't sure if they were grass or grain fed.


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        Did some googling. From what I can tell, almost all cows in Ireland are grass-fed -- beef, veal, dairy etc. The industries there just aren't big enough to make the American CAFO-model profitable (thank goodness). However, many cows need grain-finishing in winter. My advice would be to stock up on butter in summer and freeze it. Then you're sure to get summer grass-fed butter.
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          Ok thats good news thanks for the info