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Green tea + Dark Chocolate (70% or higher) = okay before bed?

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  • Green tea + Dark Chocolate (70% or higher) = okay before bed?

    Was just wondering if you guys had any ideas about this. I'm looking for a pre-bed routine. I have been a bit cautious of drinking green tea before bed (my favorite tea - which would make the experience more enjoyable), but I also wanted maybe have something to chew on with the tea, so I don't overeat too much at night, which can be an issue for me.

    So I was thinking of coupling the tea with a couple squares of dark chocolate to relax at the end of the night. Would the dark chocolate perhaps cancel out any of the effects from the caffeine in the green tea? I hear that dark chocolate have positive affects on your serotonin levels which could make you sleepy.

    I don't know, maybe I should just look for a decaffeinated tea.

    But what do you guys think of this combo?

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    Why do you want a pre-bed routine?

    Don't try and "cancel out" caffeine late at night, just get naturally decaffeinated tea.
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      something to unwind with. but whatever.


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        I am addicted to the postprandial tea 'with something' routine as well (conditioned as a child, unfortunately), and over years tried everything under the sun in attempts to find the least damaging side to the tea. I went through cheese, nut butter, nuts, sliced ham, sliced cabbage, coconut milk with chocolate powder and stevia; salted coconut milk; sliced apple.

        My attempts to break the habit never succeeded, even when I told myself just how snazzy the relaxing breath can be. With the kid in the house sex is not an option, vous comprenez. I am trying to make a green smoothie nowadays (celery, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup tomato paste, garlic and basil, lemon juice).

        I still want tea and I do it with the smallest dish of coconut milk with a touch of salt.

        My next step is try to go for roasted seaweed.

        On the whole, non-sweet options are easier to let go off (the 'oh, just one more cup' syndrome) than the non-sweet ones.
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