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Eggs as bad as cigarettes!

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    Who funded the study? hmm... Its either a cartoned egg white company or some vegan association.

    Where do you even begin with criticizing this study. I read it and was like WT..ef!! Whats worse is that this "eggs yolks as dangerous as smoking" headline has made it to all the major publications. Crazy. This is really bad for people that just absorb headlines and do no further research.

    The articles does the typical cholesterol bashing but then says that 1 egg contains approximately 1/3 of the "recommended daily intake" on cholesterol. So while they say cholesterol is bad they concede it's necessity.

    To compare an egg yolk that can sustain life and can improve the health of many people in developing nations with minimal access to good protein sources with a Cigarette: the worst of all tobacco products, laced with over 4000 chemical compounds that lead to chemical addictions just makes my head hurt.


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      I can't wait until one of my "concerned" relatives emails me this piece.


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        I think we should have a "Stupid CW study of the week" thread. (Maybe this is it)

        Emseven, I know what you mean about the "concerned" emails.


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          Ha haaaa, Zoe Harcombe takes this one DOWN.

          Bottom line, arterial plaques increase with age; the people in the quintile of lowest "egg years" were 55, and in the highest 70. The correlation ain't EGGS, it's AGE.

          But apparently these same "researchers" have been going after eggs like a pig after truffles...


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            There's our answer!

            “Dr Spence and Dr Davignon have received honoraria and speaker’s fees from several pharmaceutical companies manufacturing lipid-lowering drugs, and Dr Davignon has received support from Pfizer Canada for an annual atherosclerosis symposium; his research has been funded in part by Pfizer Canada, AstraZeneca Canada Inc and Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.“
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              Ok This is "THE" study to turn my world upside down !!!! I am gonna ditch the paleo/primal/caveman stuff and become a chain smoker !!!!!!!
              But I might start on monday ?

              LOL sorry guys - this old Gwamma couldn't resist !
              "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

              ...small steps....


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                I wish they'd quit picking on my beloved eggs.


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                  In honour of this study... I ate an extra egg this morning!!


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                    Originally posted by Iron Fireling View Post
                    In honour of this study... I ate an extra egg this morning!!
                    I made a broccoli, bell pepper, oyster mushroom 3 cheese quiche very early this morning, letting it cook on very low heat (sprouted/peeled almond+ coconut crust) while I lifted & swam. I ate 1/3 of it myself today, it was so delish! I've cracked the code on quiches (for my own tastes that is). This study settles it, I'm going on an egg-athon this week. Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck!
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                      Originally posted by Penady View Post
                      "Because egg yolks are high in cholesterol, eating whole eggs increases cholesterol, a known risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart attacks."

                      {heavy sigh}...where to begin? Ignoring studies that show that dietary cholesterol has minimal impact on serum cholesterol? Controlling for confounding variables? Did the participants only eat egg yolks for a period of time? If not, how do you rule out the influence of other dietary choices? Genetics? Exercise? The list could go on and on.
                      You are correct. Dietary cholesterol has little effect on cholesterol levels. I gave a brief explanation of why here:

                      A great example of how research can be manipulated

                      Egg yolks are also a good source of lecithin, which lowers cholesterol and removes arterial plaque.


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                        Originally posted by john_solo View Post
                        I almost don't know where to begin with this BS.
                        This is the typical example that you can evince any result from scientific experiments.

                        I personally believe in what I experienced: I eat 10 eggs per week, full milk yogurt & kefir, cream, coconut milk, fatty nuts, fatty meat, fatty fish, fatty fruits (yep, that's what avocado is). My blood exams say that my cholesterol is low, to my wife's astonishment who decided to become primal as well. For me it works, for her it works too. That is what matters for me, the rest is BS.

                        Thanks for the link anyway, it's always interesting to see how much money is wasted in "research".


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                          A good tweet/Link I found sticking up for the poor maligned egg...

                          Jeff Korentayer‏@jkorentayer "Eggs are good for you! It's acceptance of the cholesterol myth that will kill you"

                          Some good points:
                          ~This was merely an observational study, without any proper controls as part of the design.
                          ~The research begin with a presumption, which automatically makes for a bad research design. One key example : the presumption that consumption of dietary cholesterol increases our cholesterol levels.
                          ~The study relied on a very poor sample (already sick people in the hospital), and a very weak data collection method relying on recall of past behaviour.
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