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Can I still lose fat & weight if I cheat on ice cream (~1 cup) once a week?

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    Eat the ice cream. If you find you can't stop, Haagen Daz makes single serving cups. It is easy to overeat, but also easy to portion control in this day and age.
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      I have never been an ice cream person, but when I started eating primal, I ate ice cream pretty much every day for some reason. just craved it. I lost 10lbs in 2.5 weeks. then I stopped eating it and gained some of that weight back, so 2 days ago I went out and bought a pint of HG, and I will be eating it on the regular. as an experiment...
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        Originally posted by Betorq View Post
        Those Clemmy's are tasty & mildly addictive, as I used to justify consuming the entire container in 1 sitting due to it's full fat, no sugar content. No guilt, no worries... But I haven't bought any Clemmy's since last summer, as I've tried to tighten up my diet & exercise more. I still eat a LOT of food & calories, don't count carbs or calories & things are goin' really good... (r).

        I haven't really had the issue with being tempted to eat the whole container... however, my best friend and her boyfriend have been known to purposely not remind me about that unfinished portion of Clemmy's that I forgot to take out of their freezer and then eat it up as soon as I leave

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          I am a firm believer that ice-cream does not make you fat as long as you walk while you eat it. i.e. walk to the ice-cream shop, get a scoop, and walk home while eating it.

          It's that pint/quart/half-gallon in the freezer calling to you while you are on the couch that derails the weight loss.

          Of course, this is my very un-scientific personal belief.


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            I love ice cream, too. When I first started living by myself (no roommates to hold me accountable) I started having my little dessert on Sundays, and I dubbed it Dessert Sunday. Hold out all week, have something majorly light for lunch and dinner on Sunday, then have your scoop or small size of ice cream or other dessert. Really, really indulge...make those few bites delicious! It gives me something to look forward to and to work towards during the week. I don't regularly weigh myself or do body fat testing, but I've been the same size for years. Enjoy!