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  • help me cut calories

    I have no prob saying primal. Love the food. Love to eat. I'm a 5'3" sedentary woman, currently 135 lbs, want to get down to a size 6, on my last 10 pounds now.

    I track my foods, am consistently eating 2400 calories a day. Have tried to cut but I get hungry. I'm in ketosis. Have experimented with higher sweet potato days (200g carb/day) and lower carb intake (50g/day). Fat intake is high (aiming for 60-70% on the pie chart, when in ketosis) My body should require more like 1800 cals a day? I get too hungry for that.

    How to deal with the hungry? I haven't had great luck with IF. I do weight lift but only once a week.

    Sleep isn't great but isn't terrible. Stress not too bad. I just eat too much.

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    Try cutting just a little bit from each meal. So don't try to drop to 1800 right away, but go to 2200 and let your body adjust. Can you share your daily menu with us?


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      Boy, do I know your problem.

      Have you tried high protein, but lower fat (30-40% from fat) approach with keeping your carbs to non-starches?
      Do you consume nuts, fruit or dairy? If yes, cutting them all out may have a huge impact on the appetite.
      Keeping your foods very simple and restricting your food choices will also help reduce appetite, if you are a foodie.
      Not putting any salt or spice on food may help as well.
      No coffee or sweeteners of any kind will help as well.

      Also, try checking out 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself without Food book from the library. If your hunger is not long lasting (just a salivating reflex or emotional need (bored)) it has tons of techniques to outlast that 10-15 min spike of hunger.
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        it would help if tell us what you eat now.

        personally, if i want to lose weight (I'm around the same weight/height), I have to have a little window of time when i'm hungry. there's no way around it for me, and i'm not that sedentary. So usually I eat a big breakfast late in the morning, then use a 7-8 hour window of "not eating" to get a lot of stuff done (so i'm less focused on eating), and have a big dinner. My meals include sufficient protein (usually from red meat), and a lot of vegetable matter (usually leafy greens). Sometimes the vegetables are fried or coated in butter. During those two meals, if i'm still hungry after my prepared meal, I eat as much as i want of vegetables until i'm sated. If i get too hungry in between meals, i snack on plain vegetables (no dip or anything).
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          I know you say you are sedentary but maybe that's what you should change. You don't have to go nuts. Taking a walk every day might be enough. I take a walk (or do other exercise) before I have my lunch. I go out hungry and sometimes the walk takes the hunger away. Then I can sometimes wait an hour or so to eat and the real hunger that ensues makes lunch taste that much better.
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            Thx for the support! Here are a couple of typical days.

            By girl8351 at 2012-08-13

            By girl8351 at 2012-08-13


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              are you actually measuring your food, or just guessing? 12 ounces of meat (3/4 lb) is a lot to eat in one sitting. another thought: cutting out the treats (chocolate covered almonds, cream) would make a big difference, and coffee always makes me hungry. you should focus on eating just the basics: meat, vegetables, a little fruit. When you're at the weight you want to be (or a little lower), you can add limited treats back. If it causes you to gain weight, then find an active hobby or start exercising more.
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                3/4 lb is a lot for most people? I can easily cook and eat a 1-lb pack of ground beef at lunch. Having only half the pack doesn't feel like enough, I still want more. Do I eat too much? Does you body adapt to eating less, do you stop feeling hungry? It's not growling hunger like when fasting, I feel like I'm crawling the cupboards wanting food all the time.


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                  Hmm...that doesn't sound right. Being that hungry isn't quite normal, are you sure that you're in ketosis? I don't think it's possible for you to be in ketosis if you had eaten 26 chocolate covered almonds within the last few days. Your description of hunger sounds to me like low blood sugar. Try staying lower carb (say goodbye to the chocolate almonds for a month or two), eating mainly just meat and a lot of nutrient-dense, lower-carb vegetables and fruits for a few weeks. Your blood sugar levels should even out and that extreme hunger should go away.

                  As far as the meat quantities go, I don't think that a sedentary person of your size can really use that much protein. You might find that replacing some of those meat calories with vegetables (and a little sweet potato) will help you feel sated. But maybe not, that's just the case for me. Right around .75-1 lb/day works for me.

                  You need to remember that PB isn't just about food, it's food and movement. If you're ignoring the movement aspect of PB, it's going to be harder to get to the BF% or weight that you want to, so you'll have to make more dietary sacrifices. Mark talks about eating little indulgences, but he only has to maintain what he has (which includes quite a bit of calorie-burning muscle), and he's a very active person.
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                    There are definitely things you can cut easily - chocolate, chocolate covered almonds, wine. I also don't see too much in the way of vegetables aside from lettuce. Brocolli, peppers, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, carrots... so many options! Try adding more of these into your meals as they will help you fill up.

                    One thing you need to determine is whether you are hungry or eating out boredom/habit. Take a walk around the block or drink a glass of water the first time you think you're hungry. Come up with other things to do when you're eating and not really hungry.


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                      Ok, I'm gonna chew on that for a while. So to speak. Tons of it is boredom. Thanks.


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                        I can easily eat 3/4 lb of fish or beef. However, I'm just as sated on 3/4 lb of 95% lean ground beef as I am on 85% lean, so I opt for the 95%.

                        Also, I don't like cups for measuring dry ingredients. (X cups of shredded cheese). Not precise due to each individual packing the cup differently. A food scale is better.

                        Looks like you're eating pretty healthily. Maybe nix the choc covered nuts (or decrease frequency) and wine. Both are fairly unnecessary to good health, unless getting rid of them would diminish the quality of your life - and that's important.

                        I was wondering if you're maybe double counting your butter. I see 1/2 T butter as your first item in both charts, then fried eggs. It looks like the tracker is counting a fat in the fried eggs since a large egg averages 70 calories. So if you are counting butter as to what you fry in, and they are counting it because you chose "fried" as your option, it may be getting counted twice.

                        Also remember, when you are within 10 pounds of your goal weight, the difference in maintaining your current weight and maintaining your goal weight is so small that the pounds really do come off more slowly. You'll get there.
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                          The good news is that it is no hard guess-work in what you need to do to curb your hunger and start losing fat... the bad news is that it's exactly what you don't want to let go off, the pleasure foods. Chocolate, fruit, wine and cheese. Good news is that if you cut it out without cheating yourself, you will likely notice your appetite drop rapidly and dramatically. Just don't try to replace one suit of pleasure foods with another. I have played that game for far too long.
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                            What Leida said.
                            unless you choose to be more physically active on a regular basis.
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                              Another vote here on small walks. I find myself being able to feel really full even after a 3 mile walk.

                              I think if you really had to, try get your eating more clean. There seems to be a lot of dairy (which is insulin-spiking, which can cause you to overeat), and getting rid of the chocolate covered almonds will help, too. 400 calories of beef is definitely more filling than 800 calories of choc covered almonds and cream.
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