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Some questions about a carb refeed

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  • Some questions about a carb refeed

    My plan is as follows:
    6 oz 2% greek yogurt (3.5g fat)
    1/2 banana and handful of strawberries

    1/2 chicken breast
    1 cup sweet potatoes (unfortunately, already buttered - so maybe 1/2 T butter)
    A few Boston lettuce leaves

    3 or 4 oz Flounder
    2/3 cup White rice
    3 oz 2% greek yogurt

    Some questions -

    How much fruit and non-starchy vegetables are detrimental? A banana, an apple, strawberries - is that too much fructose, and then the lettuce? Do I have enough starch?
    Do I have too much fat for this to work? Is 2% yogurt ok? It's just what I happen to have.

    I plugged it in cronometer, and this is 80g protein, 185g carbs, 16g fat. (Note, I am a very small person, so all is lower).

    Planned exercise is sprints.
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    Seems fine to me as far as a refeed goes. You might check out this recent post....Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple