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50lbs lost, still need to loose 30, is 130 fat grams daily pushing it? :(

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  • 50lbs lost, still need to loose 30, is 130 fat grams daily pushing it? :(

    I'm 5'2 and would like to be 130/125
    Started at 204 and got down to 155, I'm 22 yrs old.

    Weightloss seems to have totally STALLED for like a year now.
    I'm trying to keep my cals 1500-1800, Protein around 100g, carbs from 50-75g, and fat??? No clue.

    Is something wrong here?
    A daily Breakdown

    1808 cal
    Protein: 92.9 g
    Carbs: 73.2 g
    Fat: 132.3 g

    Calorie Breakdown
    P: 20

    I crossfit 3-4 x per week

    Thanks so much, guys!!

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    Try waiving your caloric intake... if you've stalled while consuming 15-1800 cals per day then try to increase your intake about once a week (maybe up to a 2000-2200 cal day) then follow that increase with a fast (if you're able) so... for example...on Saturday you'll indulge to increase your caloric intake slightly, then on Sunday you'll fast until dinnertime. If you've been crossfitting consistently 3-4 times a week for a long time then try taking a week off. Your results only come after you've rested fully. For every 6-8 week program you should rest at least 1 week. I consume equal parts fat and protein in gram measurements myself and it works fine. Oh also, if you've not tried it, increase your squatting frequency, it's one workout that causes the largest response in your ENTIRE body (i.e... metabolism).


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      AWESOME I'll definitely look into those. Hey, I'm from NEOhio ;D

      Any thoughts on the 130ish grams of fat?


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        Fat looks fine. About how much I consume.


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          I'm also from NE Ohio! Only I'm living in California right now due to being stationed here. Will be back in beautiful Ohio within the next 7 months. How are those changes helping?