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Issues With Energy and Motivation

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  • Issues With Energy and Motivation

    Hello All!!!

    I would like to first give a background of my nutrition and fitness regime. Most days I eat about 90/10 Primally, and maybe once or twice a week I give in and eat something not quite so Primal. I drink a cup of coffee every morning, and I bring a large jug (1 gallon) of brewed tea with me to work and drink that for my hydration. I drink the tea because it tastes better than plain water. I consume about 500-800 calories during the work-day and have a larger meal at night (about 800-1000 calorie meal). I try to keep my caloric intake within 1800-2200 calories a day.

    My fitness regime has been attempting to follow the Crossfit daily workout whenever I can, or picking a different one if I do not have the equipment necessary to conduct the workout. Rest days are given with Crossfit but sometimes work or life causes me to have an extra off day which doesn't really bother me much. I've had nearly 17 years of fitness and weightlifting experience and have read everything and anything I can get my hands on and trying to weed out the bad information. I can squat 405lbs, deadlift 425lbs and bench 315lbs, I run a good 25 minute 3 mile and can easily perform 20 strict pull-ups.

    I weigh about 203lbs (down from 215) and am about 5' 6" tall. I look overweight but I normally wear larger clothes due to self-conciousness issues. I want to get down to anywhere between 180 and 190 (wide range but I'd be happy with either!). After the above book that I wrote, here are my issues.

    I've been noticing a huge decrease in both energy, interest and motivation for anything fitness related where my mind wants to work-out but it is near impossible to move myself off the couch to do something. I even have my own little gym in my apartment but can't even bust out a few pull-ups or push-ups that would be simple and at least something! I've been researching and have already tried to make some changes, like cutting back on fluids at night so my sleep doesn't get interrupted, cutting back or eliminating caffeine consumption, making my sleeping area far more comfortable (i.e...getting rid of lights, cooler environment etc...) and reducing as much stress as I can. I feel like I have adrenal fatigue but am not a doctor so I'm trying to see if these changes will help. IF there are any other suggestions I would be forever grateful!

    Thanks all and have a Primal day!

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    We are genetically lazy,
    So that in our natural environment we would conserve energy as energy demand was often greater than supply.
    That relationship has reversed with modern life, so that energy supply far exceeds demand.
    There is no real way around it but to push yourself and haul that butt.
    Set up a routine and stick with it whether you want to or not, usually I find once I start I get into it, but often there is that little voice in there saying it's ok if you skip it today, you just got to get a bit angry and get into it.
    Using your achievements to date can be a good motivator to go for more, but this is also a double edged sword and some do go over the top and become obscessive with exercise and muscle definition.
    So unless you look like a knotted piece of rope, get angry and get out there and do it, guaranteed you will feel better when you do.
    "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"


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      If you're having a hard time getting motivated for the workout that you think you should do, maybe you should try a different workout for a while, just to get yourself moving. Even getting out for a walk or a bike ride would be better than nothing.
      Sometimes people stress too much over impending workouts, often to the point where they rationalize their way out of them. A good way around that is to do something that doesn't cause you to stress over it.
      Something relaxing, but active, you know?
      That way, your metabolism will get a bump, and before you know it you'll be doing your thing on the bar again.
      I've come to realize over the years that a good way to avoid getting burned out is to vary intensity over a few different types of workouts. Pounding on the same thing continuously will dig you into a hole like the one you're in.
      My advice would be to mix it up, and do something fun, at least to get yourself moving.
      Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.


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        You ain't about it, obviously.


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          Thanks, I'm gonna modify my routine to have more rest paired with a few days of intense but short exercise and see how that works. I might have been overworked so the extra rest might benefit without losing the fitness level I've achieved. I've fixed some things that seem to be helping with both sleep and stress management. Thanks again.


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            This is why I like to take an exercise class. Even if the workout isn't optimal, at least I will go because I paid the money, and at least I will do all the exercises because other people are watching. The bike ride thing is pretty good too. Sometimes people make me so mad cutting in front of me that it will turn into a sprint so I can teach them a lesson not to underestimate this old lady. Other times it's just a nice relaxing activity that didn't tax me too much but left me feeling good.
            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.