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Cheap grocery store eggs vs. Pastured eggs

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    Originally posted by impala454 View Post
    Re-using this thread to ask a question. So I bought some pastured eggs yesterday. Ate them for breakfast, and I definitely could tell a difference in taste, in the color of the white (being much clearer than my other eggs), and in the "tightness" and color of the yolks. Definitely seemed better. Whether it's double the cost better? Eh, probably not. My question is: Where are the carbs coming from?? My "normal" eggs I buy (which are still the cage free omega 3 versions) stats are: 70 calories, 5 fat, 6 protein, and 0 carbs. The pastured eggs I bought are: 60 calories, 4 fat, 6 protein, and 1 carb?? Seems strange. Not that I care about a few carbs, but just thought that was odd. Anyone have an answer on why a pastured egg would list 1 carb vs a "normal" egg listing 0 carb?
    An egg has about half a carb. Some labels round down, others round up. There should not be a measurable difference in carbs.


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      PB diet touts local, organic for just about everything and I'm in agreement with that philosophy. I live in northern CA and most of the local grocery stores carry local, free-range organic eggs, but yes you're right about them being more expensive. I know I've read somewhere in one of Mark's blog posts that Omega-3 labeled eggs are a good choice.

      Trader Joe's carries organic Omega-3 eggs for about $2.49/dozen, which is only about 50 cents more than standard eggs. The yolks are slightly larger and definitely more yellow.

      A friend of mine has 6 hens, so I often get eggs from her when they lay more than her family can eat. Usually about 1/2 dozen a week. I'll take it! :-)