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8/16 fasting - are there researched health benefits?

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  • 8/16 fasting - are there researched health benefits?

    Hi - I'm thinking about starting to fast for the health and longevity benefits and was reading on this website the 8/16 or leangains fasting option. Based on what I'd read and watched (Horizon, documentary) I'd assumed i would need to be fasting for a full 24 hours so 8/16 does seems much more achievable + I do a lot of exercise so the option of maintaining/gaining muscle mass is appealing. But here's the question - I can't find any research that implies doing the 8/16 fasting offers any health benefits, everything I've read and watched has talked about the benefits of full day fasting. Is anyone aware of research/testing that suggests there are health benefits and not just fat burning benefits?

    Burning more fat would be nice but I'm already pretty lean with all the exercise I do, so living longer and being healthier are more appealing right now. The Horizon documentary I watched spoke about a 2/5 - 2 days fasting and 5 days eating and the 2 days fasting allowed you 600 calories, so unless I can find research that implies 8/16 has health benefits - this was the one I was most likely to try but I reckon it will be tough

    Many thanks, Richard

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    Try starting with this thread:,

    then there is part 2 & 3 to read,
    There is a lot of information and many linked studies you can get into.
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      Hi - thanks for the reply. I finally read the threads you mentioned but there's no reference to studies/research or health benefits from 8/16 fasting. The main reference and studies were related to fasting in Ramadan and 4/20 fasting. So it could be you're breaking fast to early when practising 8/16 fasting to receive heath benefit - if anyone's aware of research that suggests otherwise - please let me know.

      Many thanks, Richard