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At a $130,000 loss... what to do from here

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    Like Jennf said, I would look into jobs at any universities near you. I work full time at a University and they give me (and all of their regular employees) 2 free classes a semester. I have a decent amount of student loans from my first bachelors but while you are taking classes, they aren't in repayment so it gives a nice chance to be able to save up without dealing with the interest accumulating. I am 25 but I am basically starting over in a different field and have a good 5+ years of schooling left. The wonderful thing though is that you don't have to be in a related field to get the waivers... I'm going for Anthropology and I work with accreditation.... something to look into.... University jobs are sweet...

    Hope this helps

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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      You might need the masters to be employed but you don't need anything to consult. You might be able to start low, really low, like work for a non-profit helping the developmentally disabled learn work and living skills. You may want to consider getting skills or education from a community college (don't laugh there are lots of post baccalaureate people there) that move you toward where you want to go. In other words, take an alternate path toward your goal. How do you suppose this women's studies major ended up a web programmer with only half a dozen community college courses here and there?
      This. Maybe there are some nutrition-related certificate programs that you will consider. I wouldn't dig a deeper hole with another degree.


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        Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
        How successful have you been with Primal? I ask this because I might be tempted to go out on my own if I were you and do weight loss counseling, especially with your degree (that no one will recognize as being "deficient"). Set up shop and use your knowledge to help people get healthy.

        I'd take a hard look at cost benefit before further education. Just how well paying are the jobs, and just how many are there, and if needed could you go stomach having to educate people on CW?
        My thoughts exactly. Start off on your own or find someone willing to partner up and do the fitness portion. Begin helping people start a primal life. That may be the only way you could make enough money to pay that amount off in a timely manner. Maybe once you get going as an entrepeneur then go back and get your masters degree. Nutritionists (Even RD's)don't make enough money to pay for what you would owe in the end. That is the biggest mistake most people make when choosing to become things like teachers, nurses, and nutritionists (though all very great career choices). The amount of money you will pay in the end probably won't even equal 5 years salary for any of those careers. It is a hard pill to swallow. Check out some sites like Curves, Weight Watchers, and Butterfly Life Fitness Franchise websites.
        Maybe a helpful link Weight Loss Franchises
        Think Primal Diet Franchise The possiblities are endless if you can get the funding somehow to start out.

        In the meantime if you haven't tried to get a job with your bachalors degree then I would start there. You would be surprised how many companies don't give a crap what your degree is in as long as you have one.
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        GW: 120
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          Originally posted by jennf View Post
          And yes, you could go to Bauman College if you feel that's the right move for you. I was looking into it myself, but unfortunately the ADA is working hard to pass legislation in the state where I want to live that will make it illegal to counsel in nutrition without an RD designation (which is ridiculous, but something I need to prepare for).
          It worries me that this may be the case in all states eventually. I may need to look into university jobs. I am going to have to re-locate, which is okay.

          So, you are working full-time and going to school part-time to become an RD? Are you doing a coordinated program or is that always full-time? How will your internship work and are internships full-time? What school do you work at and attend if you don't mind me asking?

          When you mention still having a 20 year career ahead of you once you become an RD that is exactly my thought!