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HELP! I'm SOOOOO 'saladed out!'....

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    Creamy avocado dressing will make almost anything taste good.


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      I forgot!!!

      Originally posted by BennettC View Post
      ....... Eat as much meat and fat as you like and try to limit your fruit comsumption. This will help your hunger problem, and fat can not make you fat unless in the presence of carbohydrates. Hope this helps!
      OH My golly, that's so so true.

      I keep forgetting about the role of fat, (suspect that's freudian - I'm a chronic "dieter" and have been on one sort or another for over 20 years, and I'm working so so hard to throw that all away)... !!!

      Thank you thank you for reminding me!!



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        Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
        MHO: Find your protein or fat. For me it's eggs. They are like some kind of magic protein. I'm famished. .... Is there another way you like veggies? Mashed? Slathered in butter? Grilled or roasted? That's fine. Grok started cooking for a reason. Some raw stuff tastes like crap.

        Don't starve. Eat baby, eat. Plan ahead. Bring stuff to work. The SAD culture is built around shit-food. Don't buy in. Cold meat, canned fish, hb eggs, pickled veggies - easy to pack. Eat, don't starve.

        Good luck.

        I'll put away my pom poms now.
        But I LIKE the pom poms!!! Hahaha - THANK YOU so much - I actually DO need some RA RA in my life at this point!

        It doesn't help much - but the weirdest part about this is that my co-workers joke about the fact that I'm unapproachable unless I have something to eat, so they're starting to bring me stuff... WHICH I have to constantly turn away mostly because it's cookies and stuff. And that DOESN'T help with my morale. I have had to be demanding, and ask them upright to stop that.

        I'm going to change my byline on my chat window to "EAT Baby EAT.... EGGS!" THANK YOU!!


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          I put the oxtails in the crockpot overnight with salt and pepper and about half a cup of wine. Any liquid, even water, would be fine. I have no idea what the flabby skin-like thing was. I thought maybe it was the coxcomb but it was a tube-shape. So then I thought maybe it was the skin on the neck, except it had the consistency and little bumps that a coxcomb has. It tasted fine. I threw away the gizzard. Those things always come out too tough. I probably should have eaten it anyway just to say I ate all the giblets. It was an odd dinner.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
            Fuck salads. Honestly, don't ever eat another salad ever again, okay? I swear you will live.

            Chicken with the skin on
            Pork with the fat on
            Beef with the fat on
            Liver of all kinds
            Other organs like heart or tongue or tails
            Pork belly (ha ha that's fat with the meat on)
            Cream, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, olive oil, macadamia nuts, avocados

            If you eat all the above, salad is unnecessary and vegetables are a condiment, a flavor enhancer or a delivery device for butter/cheese/cream. That's all they ever need to be.
            OH Ok!! This is amazing how we're so so so brainwashed by the diet industry!! Thank you for reminding me of what I CAN eat... it's soooo easy to only think about what I "can't" eat.

            Say - one of the issues I have with this kind of eating is fiber... do you take it separately? If I don't eat a lot of fruit - I'm suffering.

            THank you for the support, it's terrific!!



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              Originally posted by dgreenwood View Post
              Those times where you fall off the wagon are probably what is making this so hard. They aren't just isolated incidents, they are keeping you from getting used to the new way of eating and they are keeping your cravings alive. .....
              Transitioning to primal takes some sacrifices for sure but if you do it right you shouldn't sound as hungry and deprived as you do.
              DGreenwood... You nailed it.

              Everything you say is true. I have been a chronic dieter for over 20 years. It IS a set of habits that are hard to toss, especially when you're obese. ESPECIALLY when you're OBESE> and have doctors looking at you and saying "Don't eat more than 1700 kcal a day." And family members giving you the hairy eyeball when you take the cheese and meat off a pizza and eat that (It's not the organic good stuff I know - but happens on a rare occasion thank goodness.) - and then hand you the celery.

              During the short periods when I'm "sticking to it" - I FEEEEL wonderful! It's completely different. My body works, i'm not in pain - i have energy. I'm SOLD.

              But you're right. You've nailed everything I'm going through. Amazing.

              I really appreciate the understanding and advice, from yourself... and everyone.


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                Originally posted by dgreenwood View Post
                Wow, I typed for too long and a bunch of people said it better in fewer words!

                Here's one thing that really helped me when I first started. Buy a big pack of chicken drumsticks and cook them all at once (with the skin on). Put them in the fridge at home and at work. If you get hungry and don't have time to cook eat 1, 2, 3, 4, how ever many it takes to stop being hungry.

                Do the same thing with boiled eggs.

                I'm not saying to go on an egg and chicken leg diet but these two items are easy to have around and taste pretty good cold (or nuke the chicken for 30 secs if you'd like).

                These two things are pretty much how I survived the transition period.

                AH - I have been avoiding chicken, mostly because hubby is allergic... but I CAN do that!!! GREAT Idea, we do have a fridge here at work and I can just bring the bag here and stuff it in freezer. GREAT Idea!! Thank you!!!

                BUT - your first post was right on target to begin with, and I thank you for that.


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                  Oi Red,

                  in the same boat here, trying to be primal for MONTHS now (honestly - it's like an obvsession, constantly thinking about this) and sliding back every time. It's not the veggies, it's me. Between job and kids and all other things, I don't have enough willpower left to take care of myself. Did a 100%day yesterday only to end up at McDo today cause I forgot to pack snacks, and consequently spending the afternoon anxiety-riddled on the couch. And it's not like I don't know.
                  So, no advise from me. Will sneack some from your thread though.


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                    Originally posted by mdelio820 View Post
                    Keep eating protein. It's a weird concept when in your adult life you have been counting calories but that is why this lifestyle is so great--there is no counting. Some items that I love to incorporate in my day when I'm having a 'hungry day' are:
                    almond butter, almond or coconut meal in a stir fry or to "bread" chicken, avocados, quinoa...

                    I also keep some dark chocolate and raw food desserts in my draw at work...also who says you can't season your nuts and seeds? They are great energy for that vending machine craving! You can use sesame oil with different seasonings or coconut oil with coconut flakes...

                    Also, I'm not sure if you have bought some primal cook books but that helped me get through some of my slumps, along with looking up some fun foods on

                    Good luck, stay strong and bounce right back--- if it makes you feel any better--I had a three week vacation in Montauk, NY where I was 70/30 most of the time instead of my 80/20....those lobster rolls and a stella artois are just too good!
                    I did finally buy coconut flour... which I'm trying in some frying coatings tonight actually! Tilapia Cheeks!! YUM.
                    I'm travelling to Texas for business next week - and the glut of Tex-mex restaurants that my co-workers will choose to eat at, might just slightly be surpassed by steak houses (if I'm lucky) ... so I might not have such a hard time of it there.

                    I have finally purchased a couple of the books.. and am fascinated, this is all terrific!

                    OK - deep breath... and back into the thick of it!!


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                      Originally posted by steffturner View Post
                      I like the chicken drumsticks and hard boiled eggs suggestion. When I was first starting out eggs were my go to snack. These days an avocado cracked open and sprinkled with a little sea salt is my favourite snack. I love the rich creamy texture. They taste so sinful to me I keep having to remind myself that they are so healthy!
                      I don't remember where I heard it, but someone said that an avocado is a "whole" food - and you could simple live off of it if you needed to.... wasn't the same said of eggs too?


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                        Hey Patski...

                        Yea, about two weeks ago - my hubby told me I was super stinky during a point where I think I was not eating enough fiber.... I apparently was going into heavy ketosis... but didn't have to strips to check.

                        it feels like a bit of a balancing act right now... but you're right - I have not been journaling my food.. my bad!


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                          Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                          Have you tried it? I was one of the "Oh, no, we older women can't do all that fat. We are different" people. I used to go around posting to all the fat-pushers that their advice wouldn't work for me. Then I got to the point where I Just. Couldn't. Eat. One. More. Damn. Salad. I had nothing to lose. So I tried it.

                          I was SHOCKED! It actually worked. Not only did it not make me fat, it didn't make me overeat. It took away all my cravings, all my food obsessions. And it made me slim. Furthermore, it made me calm and fixed the anxiety and depression I've carried around all my life. I believe I can keep a job now.

                          When you get to the point you can't do it anymore and nothing is working, if you haven't tried eating real meat with the skin and/or fat still on and butter, cream, eggs, sardines and salmon, give it a shot. What would you have to lose by then?

                          "Older" - heck I'm pushing 60 (in a few months)... I don't WANT to feel old, which is one of main reasons I'm cleaning up my eating, exercise...etc!!

                          I needed some moral support, and THANK YOU!!!



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                            Ya'll are terrific - and it's been super wonderful to get this kind of support!!!
                            I want to thank everyone - I just needed this kind of encouragement at this moment.
                            Makes me want to go find some bacon!!! Hahahah...

                            THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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                              Fiber is another one of those myths. It's not necessary. You'll get enough from whatever vegetables you eat. As for my list of foods to eat, be advised you still have to practice portion control. You don't need to stuff yourself. You might be used to stuffing yourself if you were a) a wheat addict (huge piles of pasta anybody??) or b) a veggie addict (family-sized salads??) Just eat sensible portions and see if that doesn't calm your hunger down enough that you can just simply get on with your life. Be prepared for a period of adjustment. You'll probably feel a little weak and tired for a while and you'll probably be missing all that fiber. If the fiber is an issue, just eat eat more veggies or try probiotics. A week of probiotic capsules helped get things back in order for me.
                              Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                                Sometimes I think that considering we've all survived (though many of us became ill or fat) the crap that has been sold as food for the last 30 years, we could survive on almost anything that was grown or bred in a wholesome manner.

                                If you ever have time or inclination, there are two videos at youtube that will turn you off to fast food forever:
                                The Men Who Made Us Fat
                                The Skinny on Obesity

                                Both are multi episodes. The first is more anecdotal, though factual and is a bit easier to watch. The second is a little dryer and you might have to get past the teenytiny bit of pomposity of the narrator.
                                "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


                                Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.