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Total Cholesterol & LDL On The Rise

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    Originally posted by Danielle5690 View Post
    That's what I'm trying to figure out. Your ratios are fantastic. Get a more detailed test (I think it's called a VAP test?). Get a direct measurement of your LDL, because low trigs can throw off the calculation. And find out whether your LDL is Pattern A or B. I'm guessing with your HDL and trigs where they are, that your LDL is the fluffy, bouyant type (I'm pretty sure that's Pattern A), which is benign.

    It does look like a pattern of rising TC, but there's some debate as to whether that is as important as the other factors. There are parts of your diet you can dial in to bring it back down, which have been posted by people who know more about it than I do.
    You say fluffy LDL is benign with great authority but no one knows this for sure. Peter Attia presents compelling evidence that it is total LDL-P which drives CVD regardless of particle size. Here is a quote from his blog:

    Begin Quote


    At first glance it would seem that patients with smaller LDL particles are at greater risk for atherosclerosis than patients with large LDL particles, all things equal.* Hence, this idea that Pattern A is “good” and Pattern “B” is bad has become quite popular.
    To address this question, however, one must look at changes in cardiovascular events or direct markers of atherosclerosis (e.g., IMT) while holding LDL-P constant and then again holding LDL size constant.* Only when you do this can you see that the relationship between size and event vanishes.* The only thing that matters is the number of LDL particles – large, small, or mixed.
    “A particle is a particle is a particle.”* If you don’t know the number, you don’t know the risk.

    End Quote
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      listening to Dado can cause mental confusion, lightheadedness & blurred vision. Risk-taking behavior such as sleep-gambling and shopping at Whole Foods on payday have also been observed.

      If you experience any of these symptoms after taking Dado seriously, inject a large measure of common sense into your cognitive process for immediate relief.


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        With your trigs as low as they are, and if you have a low CRP, I wouldn't imagine there's a problem. Although at some point in the next several decades, there will be some sort of problem, for all of us, you seem to have markers of solid health.