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Richard Nikoley's (from Free The Animal) 'Fat Bread' - Anyone Tried It?

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    I gotta try this one out. I don't miss bread much, but I do like having something to sop up leftover sauce or egg yolk.


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      What's the calorie count and macro breakdown of 1 slice of it?


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        Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
        Coconut butter has a consistency like tahini. I have found that the coconut manna has a higher fat content than the coconut butter but they both taste the same.
        I think that may just vary by the brand. My jar of Nutiva manna here has the same fat, carbs and protein but with 7 more calories per tbsp than the one Urban Forager linked above.


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          Originally posted by Sue View Post
          What's the calorie count and macro breakdown of 1 slice of it?
          The breakdown for the whole loaf is in the original link. How much per slice would depend on how you slice it.


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            Anyone tried it with nuts other than macadamias? I happen to have a pretty big surplus of pecans and walnuts. I did try the recipe with walnuts, but could not find any unsweetened coconut so tried it using coconut oil and yeah it failed miserably. It still formed a "bread" and rose, and the crust part wasn't too terrible, but it was just way too oily. I think the walnuts might have worked if I'd had the right coconut. Any thoughts?

            Also to those saying it's an "expensive" bread- is it really? I'm guessing people won't be making three loaves a week of the stuff. Besides, it's a little better put in perspective when you consider the normal cost of the primal diet (i.e. good meat isn't cheap). Sure, in comparison to regular bread, it's expensive, but as far as primal concoctions go it doesn't seem all that bad. Macadamia nuts are expensive whether you eat a handful of them now and then or dump half the jar into a loaf of bread and then gradually eat on that for a week. Just my $0.02... or maybe $2.00 rather
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              Originally posted by impala454 View Post
              but could not find any unsweetened coconut
              Happen to live around a Whole Foods? They have unsweetened, organic coconut flakes and shredded coconut.

              This is what Whole Foods carries, as well as my local grocer in their "Health Foods" section (But WF is .50 cheaper): Lets Do...Organic¨ Organic Coconut Items

              For those that have never tried coconut flakes, try this (from Well Fed):

              Put an even layer of flakes in your pan and toast them, keeping them moving so they don't burn.

              sprinkle 1/4 tps of salt and 1/4 tps of cinnamon on them as most of them turn brown.

              remove them from the stove, and munch.

              paleo popcorn.


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                Yeah "near" a whole foods is very subjective. I live way on the southeast side of Houston and most of them are all on the west side, so it's a real pain to go there. I'll definitely grab some next time I go though (I make about a monthly trip). There's another "hippie" food store closer that I might try too.


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                  Just made it myself, and here's what I learned:

                  In my food processor, I made coconut butter out of 12oz of very old Bob's Red Mill unsweetened shredded coconut. It took about 20 minutes of constant running, and I scraped down the bowl about 3x. Yes, my machine got very warm, as did the "butter." I then poured the "butter" into a measuring cup. It yielded about 1.3c, 1 for the recipe, .3 for the fridge (let me know if you have any good ideas for this stuff, please!)

                  So, since my machine was still out, I went ahead with the bread. I didn't bother washing the bowl, but went straight in with 5.25 oz of mac nuts (I far prefer weights when baking than volumes), then the eggs, one at a time, then the other goods, one at a time. I had the batter in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

                  It baked up just fine in exactly 35 minutes, and came to yield a 24oz loaf. I entered this recipe into my Sparkpeople logger, along with his run-down of calories and macro-nutrients, and noticed that it comes to about 35 calories per thin slice, about the same as Pepperidge Farms Very Thin Bread, or Healthy Life bread, both of which I leaned towards when I MUST have a grilled sandwich!

                  The bread DOES in fact taste a bit coconut-ty and a bit macadamia-ey. However, my turkey, smoked pepperjack and jalapeno mustard pretty much cancelled that out. I may have sliced it a bit thin for most people. What I would consider and "average" slice of bread would have probably been at least 1.5oz each, which would still have kept the bread of the sammie right around 100 calories.

                  Very, very tasty stuff. Grills up nicely, though I won't be putting it in my toaster.

                  I believe that this loaf costs at least $10 to make. I think there's at least $4 worth of coconut, $5 worth of mac nuts, and a dollar of eggs and lemon in it. Plan accordingly.

                  The next step is to see how long this stuff lasts in my fridge.


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                    I'm gonna try making this today or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have. I never ate very much bread to begin with, but I do miss the occasional grilled cheese or tuna melt, and if this delivers, then I will be in heaven and ready to spend $15 per loaf.

                    ETA: you can also get macadamia nut butter in a jar at some stores (I get mine at Safeway or Planet Organic), that takes away some of the labor involved.


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                      What I want to know is how does Richard figure that this whole loaf is 1600 ish calories?

                      By my SparkPeople data (which may or may not be right) there is upward of 900 calories of just the mac nuts going on plus another 350 of eggs. There is no way that a whole cup of coconut butter is only 300 calories. It's 100 per tablespoon. Something's not adding up.


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                        Ah ha!

                        Went back to the site and found this update at the bottom of the post:

                        "Update: It was pointed out to me that the shredded coconut meat I used for the nutritional analysis doesn't have all the fat that coconut butter does (there's no coconut butter in the database). After thinking about it this makes sense and the process used to dehydrate it probably melts away a lot of the fat. Getting the fat to come out the same as the content on the label of the coconut butter required adding about 8 tablespoons of coconut oil. This boost the fat percentage to 88%. However, the overall micro nutrient profile remains about the same, so I'll just leave it at that."

                        An extra 8tbsp of c oil is an extra 1040 calories. OK this adds up now.


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                          So I made this the other day. While it did rise a fair amount, it didn't rise nearly the amount as the recipe's photos showed. It was still pretty good, it came out to basically to a cornbread consistency. I followed the directions pretty well. The only thing I can think of that might have been off was my "coconut butter". I used the Bob's Red Mill unsweetened fine macaroon coconut (I got that because it was a finer texture and thought I'd get a smoother butter. I'm thinking that maybe my amount of coconut oil to go with the shredded coconut wasn't correct or something. I'm wondering what I could do to get it to rise correctly. Everything else was measured spot on.


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                            I just got mine out of the oven.

                            Photo on 2012-08-15 at 20.57 #2.jpg

                            It poofed up pretty well but not as much as Richard's did.

                            By my calculations the whole loaf is 3026 cal, 277 fat, 72CHO, and 62 protein. I could probably get 10-12 slices off it. So that is some extremely calorically dense bread. For those of us trying to find enough fat to stay is ketosis, this is awesome but I would urge caution to anyone trying to control their calories because it smells seriously good. Just the lickings off the spatula were filling.

                            I subbed out 1/4 cup almond meal because I was a tad short of a cup on the m nuts.
                            (So 5 large eggs, 1 cup Nutiva coconut manna, 4.5 oz, m nuts, 1/4 cup (1oz) almond meal, salt, lemon, b soda, and I put some cinnamon and nutmeg on top)

                            Hey Chuck, I think coconut butters/mannas vary by brand as to how much oil they contain. It would be interesting to know how much his had. I do suspect the lack of poof (and 400 calories more in my recipe) are both due to higher oil content.

                            eta after cooling: It sliced nicely into 12 very sturdy feeling slabs. So that is per slice about 252 cal, 23fat, 6 cho, and 5 protein.
                            It definitely leaves a coconut oily mouth feel which is not a bad thing if you like coconut. Yumm.
                            Just from looking at it, I'm not sure it would be good at soaking up egg for making French toast. It's pretty dense already. Not much room to soak. Maybe I'll give that a try tomorrow.
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                     bugs me that the math could be so wrong. Well, I'll just go with it for now, and do my own dietary math next time.

                              Mine also didn't rise very much, which is fine by me, as it could have easily grown out of the pan. I used fresh lemon juice, hoa about you all?


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                                Originally posted by Shawn the Meat Man View Post
                       bugs me that the math could be so wrong. Well, I'll just go with it for now, and do my own dietary math next time.

                                Mine also didn't rise very much, which is fine by me, as it could have easily grown out of the pan. I used fresh lemon juice, hoa about you all?
                                My tree is all tapped out at the moment so I went with the bottled stuff. I think there is some kind of a chemical reaction between the baking soda and the lemon juice that gets the poofiness happening. His directions said 1 "rounded teaspoon" of b soda. How rounded is "rounded'? Hmm. Next loaf I plan to round upward a bit and see what happens.

                                Oh yes, there will be another loaf of this stuff. Lunch today was two slices of this slathered in mascarpone. I LIKE ketosis.