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  • Sporadic Hunger

    Hey everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing great on Paleo and sticking with it! Now, recently I have been IFing every day by simply skipping breakfast, my first meal of the day is at 12 noon when I get off work for my lunch break. Most mornings around 11 o'clock or so I first begin to feel hungry, but then more towards noon the hunger subsides.

    My question is: what's happening here? Is the hunger I felt not real hunger? Or maybe my body burned some fat for fuel in that moment?


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    When I IF it's usually from 8pm till 5pm the next day and I get hunger pains 3 or 4 times in that period. The hunger subsides after 15 minutes or so and it seems to me that this is due to my body using fat for fuel since it hasn't received any alternative.

    This is a good thing. Means your a fat burning beast, congrats!