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    Caught this statement while checking out the TV guide, The Horizon programme, a science and philosophy programme sounded interesting..."Eat, Fast and Live longer" Available on the BBC IPlayer BBC iPlayer - Horizon: 2012-2013: Eat, Fast and Live Longer

    The presenter, married to a GP, embarked on a trip to understand ageing and the affect food plays on the ageing process.

    Some interesting points came out about IF which when followed, had the impact the presenter wanted\needed, to lose weight without a massive change in lifestyle. The part of the programme which puzzled me was when he checks out one of the Dr's who advise it is OK to do Calorie Reduction (CR) then eat what you want (gorge) the day after. After the CR day the Dr takes the guy to a fast food joint!!!, not quite the message I expected. It is not clear from the TV programme if the guy followed IF by having trips to fast food outlets, but 5 weeks later he got the results he wanted.

    Seeing the results presented has spurred me on to make a proper attempt at IF, but without the fast food, I'll stick to whole foods.

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    Can't watch it outside of the UK. Do you know anywhere else I could watch it online?


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      They are usually posted on youtube at some point.
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        It's up.

        P1 Horizon Eat, Fast and Live Longer - YouTube


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          Seems the study about Ramadan made that basic point. Pklopp posted the results as part of his series. The theary seems to be insulin and other hormone elevations associated with eating "anything" were better off happening in shorter windows of time rather than spiking and coming down several times a day.


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            I just watched all four parts, and I was so glad to see that the 5/2 plan over five weeks worked as well as the three and a half day fast.

            5/2 is so totally doable forever. And the best thing is that it's not so farfetched that if the research doesn't pan out, one wouldn't get hurt by doing it.
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