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making coconut milk kefir

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  • making coconut milk kefir

    Anyone making their own coconut milk kefir? I tried the other day and it was a flop. I tried using the kefir starter and followed the directions but that didn't work out for me...

    where do you get your kefir grains? can I order them from amazon? they sell them but is that a good way to get them?

    I am awaiting my kombacha starter...we shall see how that goes.


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    I buy the cultured coconut milk from the So Delicious company but it has a tetch of maltodextrin in it so I have been wanting to make some on my own.

    Disappointing that yours bombed.


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      Did you use water or milk Kefir grains? I found that water grains gave me a better result. I've read that they won't grow, so you'd need to keep making water kefir to get a steady supply of viable grains.

      However, I've now gone over to making only raw milk kefir, so I no longer have water kefir grains...

      Any grains you buy from eBay should be fine.


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          I use milk kefir grains, I ferment for two days and when finished go back to milk for awhile. You can't continually ferment your grains with coconut milk, must give them a rest. I have been making water and milk kefir for three years so have been fairly successful.
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            I make coconut water kefir with water kefir grains, and brew my own kombucha. I have ordered from Cultures for Health before, but now I have networked with several local people/friends/acquaintances to exchange grains and scoby.

            Cultures for Health also has detailed instructions and information if you're new and unsure. I had a problem with the kombucha I made and they were helpful. I haven't ordered from them in a while though. Good luck!!