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60 minutes "is sugar toxic"

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    Originally posted by jimhensen View Post
    The cancer portion of the video says that sugar could cause a cancerous tumor to grow quicker. First of all, protein causes insulin spikes as well so you could make the argument that a piece of chicken would do something similar. Secondly you actually already HAVE TO HAVE CANCER for this to even be a concern. For anyone without a cancerous tumor, this has absolutely no bearing on their health. Basically the video is one sided and sensationalist.
    I haven't seen the video, but I've seen Lustig and I've seen some of the cancer research. From what I recall it is not all due to an isulinogenic response. Its simply that some tumors thrive on glucose if I remember correctly. And if these cancers proliferate on glucose it's not a huge leap of logic to see controlling that as a possible preventative. Perhaps not completely accurate, but in the sense that excess sugar causes a myriad of health issues what would be the harm?


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      I too thought the actual study was lacking, however, I focused my attention on the piece detailing composition/ingredients of "whole, natural, healthy" foods. I am told all the time I am over the top for steering clear of cereal, wheat bread, ketchup, jelly, peanut butter, etc.