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Not enough fat - what should I be eating?

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  • Not enough fat - what should I be eating?

    What can I eat to get some good fat without a ton of protien? On workout days I am supposed to be eating about 90g of fat to keep my macronutrient balance straight but I always end up with too much protien and still not enough fat...
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    Pork belly is pretty good. Or pork butt roast. You could also have avocados, macadamia nuts and pour olive oil or other fats on your salads and vegetables.
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      Eat more butter, coconut oil, cream, cheese, olive oil and avocados. You can mix butter in with shredded meat and get a pseudo paté.

      You can be hardcore and eat it by the spoonful or add it to your coffee aka Bullet Proof Coffee.
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        80/20 ground beef has a good fat to protein ratio (65%fat by calorie Calories in Ground Beef 80/20 - Nutrition Facts & Other Nutritional Information | LIVESTRONG.COM). Most fatty cuts of meat will get you most the way there (more than 65% fat by calorie). If it is a lean less tasty cut (like chicken breast....bleh) just dip it in some butter.


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          OP, are you calculating the actual caloric load of the fat you are eating?
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            i just don't get questions like this... this is not hard, people.


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              I would recommend lamb shoulder curry, cooking in a can of full fat coconut milk. The pot I have downstairs is SWIMMING in fat... I think I shouldn't have browned the meat in pork lard... *shifty eyes*
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