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Protein needs during a 24 hour fast

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  • Protein needs during a 24 hour fast

    For a while, I've been following the practices of LeanGains and currently have no worries about getting daily protein requirements. Despite the 16 hour fasting every day, I am still eating over 200g of protein every day. For the sake of accelerating fat loss, I want to try occasional 24 hour fasts. This would mean missing out on those 200g for a day. Should this be a concern for someone who wants to preserve and build muscle. Should I increase my protein intake on other days to keep my daily average at 200g? Should I take a few grams of BCAAs throughout the day (which isn't enough to break the fast)? Are the perhaps muscle building benefits to going without protein for that long?

    And on a slight tangent: I'm guessing that if I fasted for 24 hours, the best time would be nearby the carb refeed characteristic of LeanGains. Would that best time be before or after the refeed?

    Thank you

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    the reason for fasting is to allow the body the extra time to house clean any build up of toxins and debree from medications, the natural building up and tearing down that occurs within your body,and from improper eating. When you fast you do not need protein, suppliments or any foods of any kind. The first three days the body is breaking down and removing any unnecessary debree and toxins and is using any build up of fat in your body as fuel to run on. You are also supposed to give your body a chance to rest and just do gentle activities like a short easy paced walk. So no solids, drink plenty of fluids to flush out your body and take it easy. Your body can run just fine without protein for a few days while it is house cleaning so don't worry about it and also in the first three days of a fast your body is running and using any fat in your body as fuel so it is not breaking down your muscle mass. You only need to be concerned about that if you have been fasting for longer time periods.
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