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Feeling like utter crap: fat malabsorption transitioning into ketosis?

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    Originally posted by patski View Post
    Diarrhea, loose stools. Without a gallbladder, you cannot process the extra fat on a very, very low carb WOE. We *need* to eat loads of veggies and some fruit.
    This has not been my experience. I've been without a gallbladder for more than 20 years. Diarrhea has been such a problem over the years that I coined the phrase, "Imodium is my friend."

    Since going low carb/primal things have greatly improved.I eat adequate veggies and very little fruit. I don't go out of my way to add fat for fat's sake. I also don't avoid it. Butter, bacon, cheese, olive oil, coconut oil are, off the top of my head, staples.

    I also agree with sbhikes, big, sudden shifts will bring on a bout of diarrhea for me. I went off the rails for the weekend, a few weeks ago. That resulted in 2 days of needing to be near the bathroom. When things like that happen and I need to be out and about then my overall eating is curtailed and Imodium becomes my friend again.


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      That's it.

      I have to buy Imodium tomorrow. I've had enough of this.
      A Post-Primal PrimalPat

      Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.


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        Originally posted by patski View Post
        Yeah, I don't quite think I can pull a Peggy from and eat only meat and fat. There's no reason for me to! Stupid, so stupid.

        I'll go back to eating meat, veg and fat (in that order) once my gut settles. I was doing just fine. I only have to be more choosy as to what veg I can eat.

        Thanks for the warm wishes, Judy

        Also: Livestrong drives me nuts! It comes up in every search I ever do, and the info is inconsistent.
        Don't be too hard on the Livestrong writers - i used to be one. They make us write CW crap or else we don't get paid. It's why I quit, because I got tired of spouting nonsense. Just don't click on the links when they come up in a search. I don't, not even if it's my own article, because I don't believe half the crap I had to write. Neither do many of the writers who are still there. Just FYI. It's not a great resource for people who know better, and by virtue of the fact that you're here, I'm pretty sure you know better.