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Thoughts on my labs, please??

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  • Thoughts on my labs, please??

    Hey there!

    I've been Primal for 18 months now....I eat roughly 60g of carbs daily and slowly working in exercise and stress reduction. Over the past 18 months, the stress has been intense! We made a move to a new state to a place we love, but our teenage daughter had a melt down that required some major medical interventions. On top of that, I was given too my thyroid med by a dr in our new hometown that sent me to the hospital with heart palps and tachycardia (avg heartrate was 130 and as high as 154). After a stay in the cardiac ward, I was also diagnosed with Long qt syndrome and told I will be on beta blockers and potassium supplements the rest of my life in order to avoid sudden cardiac arrest...possibly an AICD (implanted defibrillator). SO. All during this time and stress, I also taught at high school in low demographic with high needs students. I did an hour commute each way AND went to school at night to finish my Master's. Finally my question: what are your thoughts on these labs? I will give you my starting labs from 18 months ago and the labs I just got back. The dr wants me on statins, but I resist...they make me vomit and physically hurt. I've agreed to take Red Yeast Rice as it is gentler and I'm worried. What do you think of my labs? This endo wants me eating whole grains which I have resisted doing. She says coconut water is fine to help me supplement potassium but no coconut oil or milk which I've ignored. I want to be healthy, and I know I have a long road ahead of me. Oh yeah...I'm anemic, too, and just received an iron IV a week ago. And I'm hypothyroid. Thoughts???

    January 2011:
    TC: 244
    Triglycerides: 266
    HDL: 32
    LDL: 144
    Fasting glucose: 104

    July 2012:
    TC: 266
    Triglycerides: 106
    HDL: 51
    LDL: 188 (particle sizes are over 50% large, fluffy kind)
    Fasting glucose: 87

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    Your trigs are trending down and your HDL is going up, both of which are excellent. And your TC/HDL, Tr/HDL and LDL/HDL ratios all are moving in the right direction well.

    Here's your ratios (Target): Jan2011 -> Jul2012
    TC/HDL (<5): 7.6 -> 5.2
    Tr/HDL (<2): 8.3 -> 2.1
    LDL/HDL (<4.3): 4.5 -> 3.7

    That says to me that whatever you are doing is working. KEEP IT UP.

    I think your TC/HDL and Tr/HDL values will cross into the healthy category by christmas.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
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    TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
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      Thank you!! That makes me feel a lot better!!!