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I've been eating an 8 oz tub of yogurt every other day for a week now.

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  • I've been eating an 8 oz tub of yogurt every other day for a week now.

    Usually fage 0 or 2% but i had some chobani with honey yesterday. I think i may have some dairy issues as sometimes it seems when i have butter or milk products i get really gassy the next day with terrible smelly farts. I have had some constipation issues for several years but it seems since i started eating yogurt regularly i shit more, which is a good thing. but like i said i also have some issues with gas. is eating so much yogurt/dairy a good thing? or should i cut back? Or should i possibly look into making my own yogurt with something like goat milk? also for someone who gets gas with regular dairy would goat cheese be a good thing to try as other cheeses seem to give me the same problem.

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    You should probably just get tested instead of speculating. That said, I would just say 'everything in moderation." That's what
    I've learned these last two years of being primal / semi-primal. Anything in excess leads to problems.

    You'll go to the restroom more because there's probiotic bacteria in yogurt At least, I think there is in Fage.

    You can perhaps look into making kefir instead of buying yogurt -- it's a lot healthier (more probiotic bacteria) and fairly easy to make -- just need to find the grains.
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      nothing wrong with going to the bathroom more from the probiotics in the yogurt. Yogurt is good for you and assists in your body s digestion with the proper bacteria in it that your body needs. Yes the gas can be annoying, embarrassing and frustrating but your body may just be doing some necessary housecleaning inside. A good read would be Dr. Jenson's Guide to better bowel care. Also if you feel the dairy is a problem have you tried goat yogurt ? There could be something in the cow dairy that doesn't agree with your digestive system


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        or you could eliminate ALL dairy and add a probiotic to see what happens.

        gas and smelly farts means something you eat isn't agreeing with you. but pooping is good.
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            I love your signature line.


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              It may be worth trying a switch to goat's milk yogurt. My co-worker can't tolerate ANY cow's milk dairy, but is fine with goatsmilk.....


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                I eat a lot of yogurt as well, plain yogurt, full fat and I haven't noticed the side effects you mention so maybe you are a little intolerant of it. If its too good to live without and you can deal with the symptoms then i say just eat it. But if these symptoms get worse or are unbearable i'd recommend maybe not eating yogurt so often x



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                  Stop eating dairyfor 2 weeks. See if the gas goes away. Start dairy again and see if it comes back. I think that is the best way of figuring it out. Don't change your diet otherwise during this time.

                  I only eat full fat dairy when I eat it. You can try goat yogurt or sheep yogurt after you try the elimination diet if you find the yogurt is the culprit. Same with goat milk/cheese.

                  I suppose you could be lactose intolerant. Some with lactose intolerance can tolerate yogurt, but maybe you are just eating too much of it.

                  If you are having the runs, it isn't really much better than constipation (health indicator wise) aside from not carrying around too much crap inside.
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