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What areas of primal/paleo are you having the most difficulty with?

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  • What areas of primal/paleo are you having the most difficulty with?

    I'm trying to get a good understanding of how the primal/paleo diet and lifestyle is going on for everyone, no matter where you are on the journey.

    I've been investing a lot of time and effort this past year. It's been going great, but for me, I would say that eating way more vegetables and less fruit is what I am having the most difficulty with. Fruit is just so much tastier and easier to eat compared to vegetables. What about you guys?

    - What areas of eating and living primal/paleo are you having the most difficulty with?
    - Why is this?

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    Right now the biggest issue I have is hunger. The other issue is a cranky non-paleo husband.

    If you like fruit why don't you just eat it?
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      my biggest problem with my WOE is continual discovery of foods that i thought worked for me dont.
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        Overconsumption of adult beverages. I'm getting better with reducing the amount and frequency while increasing the quality, but I'm just not there yet. I have too much fun going out to the bar with friends. I'll eventually make my way to being a moderation drinker...


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          For me it is over reading into every little bio-hack that comes across the forums.


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            Fruit and sweet flavors as well.
            No snacking or good snacking choices (nuts, cheese, fruit = easy snacks but bad).
            I also cannot really believe that legumes are bad for you, so I gave up on eliminating 'em.
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              Load vegetables with butter and salt. Taste like candy.

              Up until this past month, I had a really hard time with sugar. I enjoyed dark chocolate and homemade nearly primal coconut ice cream way too often. Fruit became a binge item. Since being diagnosed with candida overgrowth and having to give up all sugar, this is much, much easier to maintain. When you get rid of the sugar, you don't crave it anymore.

              Might want to try going off fruit for a month. Do a Whole30 challenge. My guess is, the sugar in the fruit is what is getting you.
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                Getting back on the "low carb wagon" once I've gotten off. I was on vacation until July 22nd and ate a lot of fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate (and a small amount of ice cream). I've spent the last week trying to get back on the stick but have failed almost every day. The worst thing is I feel sooooo much better when I'm low carb...I just want to feel great again.
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                  Snacking... but that is a problem for me no matter what WOE I am following.
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                    Sleep. I only get 6-7 hours a night, mostly because of computer use right before I sleep.

                    Also need to cut the nuts. 8-16oz/day is not Primal.
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                      Exercise... because I don't like getting sweaty. Ok, that sounds wussy enough to say it to shame me into exercise. Haha

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                        condiments. Store bought ketchup - salad dressings - marinades. I don't eat enough of them to really worry about - but its one of the things that I find the hardest to give up. And ice cream.
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                          Social pressure. Those who seem to think it's a fun game to try to tease me into eating things not on my plan. I don't give in, and handle it with good humor, but it gets tiresome.

                          Family members who completely buy in to the Gov't Food Pyramid method of weight loss and won't get off my back about not eating bread (because bread is SO good for you).

                          People in my life who see how much weight I've lost, and how much strength I've gained but still will not give me the slightest credit for knowing what I'm talking about.


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                            My biggest problem is focusing too much on food and exercise and forgetting completely about the other, probably more important aspects, of Primal Blueprint:

                            - Observe seasonal variances in food consumption (The Question of Seasonality in Human Health and Nutrition | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple)
                            - Be extremely mindful of night/day cycles (Will Blue Light Affect Your Sleep? | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple)
                            - Experience cold weather in Winter (10 Ways to Stay Active in the Cold Winter Months | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple)
                            - Find a doctor that will test key labs and get to the optimum reference range (How to Read a Cholesterol Test | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple)
                            - Practice some type of intermittant fasting (Intermittent Fasting FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple)
                            - Learn to breathe correctly (How to Breathe Correctly | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple )

                            Judging from the other responses, I'm not alone...
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                              Chocolate/sugar/too much fruit
                              Being afraid of hunger and IF