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Palm Shortening - how long does it last?

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  • Palm Shortening - how long does it last?

    Hi all,

    I have this palm shortening, which I purchased from Tropical Traditions about 18 months ago. That seems like a long time to have any food product. I bought it originally to make these Christmas cookies, which by the way, were fantastic.

    Anyway, a gallon of shortening is a lot, and since I only use a dollop here and there, I still have about half a tub. I keep it in my pantry -- our house stays at about 75 or little warmer in summer months and upper 60s in winter months.

    How can I tell if it's ok to use? It doesn't smell rancid, but maybe I just can't tell...??

    I want to use it to fry yuca chips, like this!

    Please advise!

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    I would have said to smell it...I think if it doesnt look or smell different then give it a try. If it tastes horrible then you'll have your answer!
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      He seems to smell fine, but I'm not sure I trust my smeller when it comes to rancidity. Has anyone else ever kept a gallon of palm shortening this long and used it? I mean, people do it with Crisco, but we're talking about natural stuff here.

      So, question for Solstice -- if I use it, and it tastes fine, I'm ok?

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