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    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Texas de Brazil is a pretty good churrascaria too... Orlando | Texas De Brazil
    All you can eat meats, steak, lamb, other stuff I don't bother with.
    Huge cold and salad bar...
    Their Lobster bisque is completely ridiculously decadent... and good enough to eat for dessert.
    I don't know exactly what their recipe is, but it tastes like the real deal... ALL cream instead of flour thickened.
    Which reminds me...
    I should go there again soon.
    Thanks, sounds like another good restaurant to add to my list. Just what we will need after a long day in the Parks.
    Though no doubt my kids will still want a visit to Golden Corral.
    Going to have a few nights eating in the villa as well. Will get some chickens and salad for easy meals.