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  • Question about eating out

    Hi all! I really don't post much, but I have a little dilemma and would love your opinions. I am going to lunch with a friend to Rubio's - a Mexican chain restaurant. If you were going here, what would you choose to stay Primal (no dairy)?
    Best Fish Tacos | Mexican Restaurants | Rubio's

    Also, I'm trying to keep my carbs on the lower end for weightloss.
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    UGH, if you look at the allergen info, there's freaking soy in virtually everything! And it made me die a little when they said "we never use lard".

    I'd personally go with the Wild Planet Tuna Salad and sub out the vinegarette (soybean oil for sure) with one of their salsas (I'd so be hitting up the salsa verde personally).


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      I've ordered fajitas but didn't use the tortillas. But with fajitas you get too much vegetable oil. The other things I order at the two Mexican restaurants are k-bobs and the Cancun Special. Instead of rice and beans I ask to substitute for something like guacamole

      But looking at Rubio's Menu, I stick to the salad with the dressing on the side.
      Best Fish Tacos | Mexican Restaurants | Rubio's
      Salads & Bowls | Rubio's

      IMO the problem with salad dressings from chain restaurants isn't just the type of oil they use but also the high fructose syrup used to sweeten it
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        Tell them you want to go to Chipolte instead, lol, i eat there all the time. Pretty primal friendly.


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          Unfortunately, there's not a Chipotle where we're meeting. I'm hoping it's warm and we can sit outside because then I can order tri-tip from Buckhorns next door.
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            That is a tricky restaurant to eat primal at!!!! A lot of the americanized mexican food places are harder to eat primal at than the authentic ones.

            At Rubios, I would go for one of the salads. You will probably have to say, "leave off the tortilla chips and the cheese, thanks so much."

            At an authentic place, I would go for... a bowl of pastor or carne asada, with sides of guac and sour cream!!!
            Or one of the soups. Menudo is so good. Also: Ceviche works, if you skip the tortilla.