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Carbs or lack of nutrients/ or both make you hungry?

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  • Carbs or lack of nutrients/ or both make you hungry?

    I have been following primal pretty strictly for several weeks now, and I am surprised how i am not overly concerned with my next meal or crazily hungry. I have always been a big eater(volume wise), and I am surprised by how may appetite has been controlled by eating this way. I can go many more hours than usual without food without getting really edgy and hungry. I know some say it is the protein keeping us satieted. I think it might be more the fat and/or the quality of nutrients. I did well losing weight following Body for Life, which is pretty high in protein, but low in fat, but I was always amping for the next meal. I think the lack of fat was causing that. What do you guys think?

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    I forgot to add that i honestly think that carbs/ fruit make me hungrier after eating. Has anyone else had that experience?


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      Yeah, many people seem to have that response. Low carb Primal does help with remaining satiated and feeling less need to snack.


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        Fat keeps me going, I can last all day on just a few cups of coffee with cream even if I'm farily busy. Lack if nutrients also makes my appitite go ape shit. In the past I have had major problems with always being hungry, taking vitamin suppliments really helped, but primal sorted it out fully, I think I wasn't digesting my food properly, prob due to gluten intolerance, or too much sugar as I was suppasing my '5 a day' for fruit and veggies, often at least 5 servings of vegggies and as much fruit
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          Originally posted by Karma33 View Post
          I am surprised how i am not overly concerned with my next meal or crazily hungry.
          Me too. I used to be a big eater but I can now miss a meal without crying about it. I used to get hungry at 12:00 and 17:00 no matter when I'd eaten previously. I still eat at those times as a rule but went without dinner yesterday evening.
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            Grains are cheep, high in calories but are not very satisfying...I don't think I could EVER go back to eating that way.
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              Grains and fruit and sugars make me much hungrier than I ought to be. But my mechanism of satiety is starches and protein, fat does nothing to increase the satiety. I starve on high fat diet. I am fuller on egg-whites with mushrooms and 1 egg than on 4 eggs , and pure fat (coconut oil, nuts, fatty meats) make me hungry. I get hungry about every 3 to 5 hours, but I do not experience adverse hunger with dizzy disorienting spells and half-faints and stuff..
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                My friend was telling me that he would eat a plate of pasta for dinner and afterward be hungrier than before. So he'd eat another plate and be even more hungry. So he'd eat a third plate. Then he'd be comatose on the couch the rest of the night. So I think certain foods do not satisfy as well as others.

                For some reason I get really hungry after I eat liver. I continue to eat it though because I like it so much and it has a lot of vitamins.

                It was fat that finally made my chronic hunger subside enough that I could lose weight.
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                  Yep, same here. Low carb primal has been the only thing that has ever worked to allow me to cut my intake enough to lose some weight. Counting calories while eating the old SAD way left me feeling like a vacuum cleaner trying to inhale every morsel I could see.

                  I don't know if it's the high fat or low carb. My mind changes about it a bit. I find the problem when I go too high fat is I eat my daily calories too fast. Like one big bacon and egg extravaganza in the morning and the fat content really wipes out your calories. Definitely once I make a habit of going over 50g of carbs a day I notice my hunger creeping back in as well, but I do go over 50g of carbs on gym days any way.

                  I imagine it's probably a combination of all the different things people have mentioned, working in together to produce a noticeable difference in satiety.
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                    There's such thing as a satiety chart that rates foods on how quick they fill you up and how long they keep you full. But it does vary a lot from person to person. I can't really eat high fat without eating too much because it just doesn't blunt my hunger like other foods do. Eggs, potatoes and vegetables seem to work best for satiety per calorie. Nuts and bacon don't fill me up very effectively, I could easily eat 1000 calories worth and still be hungry.


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                      Fruit as a snack makes me hungry in 1 hour. I've been experimenting and timing it. Salads and fixings do not. Fruit is now a dessert that if I eat, needs to be done fairly close to right after my meal.
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