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    Whew I thought I would have to start eating lots of near which of course is not a big thing in my family, except canned tuna, sardines and the occasional chicken or ground beef. I'm not in Australia right now but am travelling with family for business purposes and staying short term at a house. The big problem with ingredients is everything is labelled in foreign languages.... lol...

    Ok I feel a little better, the basis is to avoid all processed foods (does canned fish count as processed?) No wheat, grains, etc, although I see some argue that rice and quinoa are ok as well. Using the Asians for examples.

    The basis is: eat what you could obtain yourself if living in the wild, such as nuts, meat, and although dairy came with the domesticated animals dairy I won't be cutting out of my diet. Veggies and fruit are important as well. That's the basis of it all right?