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  • Blood test results

    I finallly had the opportunity to get some blood work done after a good solid six months of Paleo/Primal. Keeping in mind the 80/20 rule as I transition into the full lifestyle, here's the results. What do some of you more experienced folks think? Forgive any mispells!

    Total Cholesterol 202
    Triglycerides 50
    HDL 68
    HDL Type II 16
    LDL 120
    LDL Pattern Type A
    Glucose 93
    Ha1c 5.7
    Homocysteine 15.9
    C Reactive 0.3

    I've lost 25 pounds since I've focused on this Paleo/Primal thing. I've always exercised but subscribed to the conventional systems for eating and fitness and found myself at 40+ slowly but surely gaining around the waist no matter how long or how intense my workouts were. I completely overlooked a bodybuilding show I did almost twenty years ago when I got my bodyfat below 6 or 5%, and without realizing it, followed the low carb thing with great success for three or four weeks. Funny how it hits me now that I look back!

    I'm 5'8" and weight 170 with a 30" waist. I'm pretty happy with the results on the outside and want to continue getting smart about what's happening on the inside! I'm a 43 year old male.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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    I am not an expert but I think that your homocysteine is too high.


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      Originally posted by anna5 View Post
      I am not an expert but I think that your homocysteine is too high.
      Yeah, that's the one the caught my attention too.