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Can't seem to lose weight, keep gaining ;[

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  • Can't seem to lose weight, keep gaining ;[

    Hey guys, I'm getting a little frusturated this past month or two. I can't seem to get my weight to drop for more than a few days. I've tried all different things. At first I thought it was butter, as I noticed the less the butter I ate the more the weight would go down, so I began cutting out the butter/cheese and other dairy. Then I started cutting out the more processed meats like sausage and bacon or cutting back on higher carb veggies and/or nuts. But alas no avail, I may go down a few lbs. only to regain them again a few days later. There seems to be no correlation between my carb consumption (cheese, nut, veggie consumption) and my weight loss/gain. Sometimes I'll shoot up a few lbs. in a day. It's somewhat frustrating. Normally I would not care about what the scale says, but I've recently began doing jiu jitsu and MMA and the numbers the scale says matter if you want to compete. I should not that I notice that my "weight loss problem" began shortly after starting jiu jitsu training, before that I was on a plateau, but not gaining. I should note that my GF says I'm looking more "cut", but I think her opinion may be a little biased. (lol)

    Heres more food log. I've planned my meals for a few days in the future as you'll see I began putting stuff in for the 4th of July. Just click a date on the side to see past days.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Do you have the ability to have your body fat checked? If so, keep track of the number. I haven't been losing anymore weight by the scale, but by the way my clothes are fitting and the BF reading on the scale, I can see that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle.

    At the very least, keep measurements of your waist. That will give you an idea.


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      I think I gave you this tip already before but you really need to add some fruits and vegetables to your diet. I know they have carbs, but they also have vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. At your weight and activity level, you could eat 100g of carbs per day and still lose weight. I weigh 10 pounds more than you and I eat 3,000+ calories a day and 150-170g of carbs and I haven't gained any weight in several weeks. If I wanted to lose weight I would cut about 300-400 calories and 30-40g of carbs.

      You should also eliminate the cheese if you are really focused on weight loss.


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        Maybe try some intermittent fasting and see if that helps, its good to shake things up a bit every now and then, I did a 22 hour fast last week and have felt a lot better all this week.

        Also if you gf is saying your looking more cut you may be putting on muscle so give yourself time to adjust to the muscle gain, you may feel yourself getting "fatter" and then the weight will start to fall off.


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          Thanks for the tips guys. Right now I'm just using cheese in my eggs and on my burgers, but I think I will try to eliminate it after the 4th of July. Tonight I was going to try eggs with walnut butter.

          @ Conan, Thanks for the input. I do take a multi-vitamin but it's nothing special. So, I should aim for approx. 100g of carbs a day just from vegetables and fruit? Do you recommend and specific veggies/fruit, as I've read on here some people avoid nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, etc) or does it not matter? Also, what about carbs from things like nuts, should I try to limit those as well or are those okay?


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            I wouldn't aim for 100g, I would try to stay around or below 100g. With your activity levels, somewehere between 50-100g should work. As far as fruits and veggies, here is a good list for starters:







            Bell Peppers

            Strawberries (most berries are OK)






            Avocado (technically a fat)

            I recommend looking up the Glycemic Load of fruits and vegetables that you like and just trying to eat those that are low on the GL scale.

            As far as the nuts go, I count the carbs in everything including nuts. Most nuts do not have a lot of carbs but you should include them in your total count. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios are all OK. I would avoid peanuts and cashews.


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              Although Conan is an incredible and appreciated resource here, I have to disagree based on my own experiences and record keeping.

              The only times I have been able to lose weight have been when I kept gross carbs at below 50, preferably 30, and a calorie deficit of at least 1000, preferably 1500. If I let carbs get up to 100, nothing much happens.

              That means one piece of fruit at most, typically. Man, I miss it, especially now being in season. I'm now doing vitamins and minerals because D & E were below the RDA's, which are pretty minimal.

              Forgotten18, I don't recall if you are logging on Fitday or another product. That is absolutely mandatory, too.


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                No offense taken OTB, though I must say it's a bit ironic that you posted a topic titled "Am I losing weight too fast?" discussing how you are losing weight at the alarmingly fast rate of 2-2.5 pounds a day. You say you can't lose weight w/ out a caloric deficit of 1,000 - 1,500 calories and less than 50g of carbs. Are you sure you can't lose weight or you just can't lose 2-2.5 pounds each day?

                I should say that I am a big promoter of slow, steady weight loss (like .5-1 pounds each week). I don't like creating huge caloric or macronutrient deficits in order to lose weight quickly. I think you risk mucking up your metabolism, impacting your energy levels and overall health, and increasing the probability of a weight loss plateau long-term. Of course, I should caveat this by saying if you are significantly (100+ pounds) overweight you should probably expect to lose more than a pound/week. If you are close to your ideal weight (within 15 pounds) you should be losing weight much more slowly.


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                  I think you should listen to your GF if she says you are looking more cut. Maybe it looks on a scale like you are putting on weight because you are building muscle and losing fat (since muscle weighs more than fat, maybe thats it?)

                  I'm someone who puts on muscle easy, but drops fat at an impossibly slow rate (if at all) but I've learned if i watch the scales too much I will drive myself batty.


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                    I was looking at your FitDay and noticed that it seems like you eat processed food daily (american cheese, commercial salad dressing), unless of course you're just using those as approximates because FitDay doesn't have what you need.

                    The chemicals in processed foods may be holding you back, especially since like Conan said you don't have many fruits and veggies. Your body has to fight the chemical crap in your food but doesn't have the antioxidants to do it.

                    Maybe you need to make your foods more primal to get the full benefit that everyone posts about here.


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                      Thanks for suggestions all. I suppose the general consensus is less cheese and processed foods (dressing, bacon, etc) and add more vegetables. I'll give a try and see how goes.


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                        And try to monitor your body fat. Nothing wrong with added muscle weight (although I guess if you're trying to make a certain weight class for comp, it might be).


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                          Looking at your logs, what's that bodybuilding stuff? Could that be working against you? I don't know anything about that stuff? I try not to eat thing that requires advertising to explain what it is.

                          It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                            Not sure what you're referring to Grandma. I do workout a few days a week (weightlifting). I was taking protein powder infrequently, but haven't for a good amount of weeks now. Taking a multi-vitamin and fat burner at the moment (basically caffeine), which seem to be helping, but very minimally.


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                              so basically, i heard you get stretch marks when you lose weight fast..

                              well i'm trying to lose a lot of weight, or even a few pounds.. but even if you do lose a few pounds..

                              how can you not get stretch marks?

                              i use cocoa butter lotion ..

                              but does bio-oil work for stretch marks too?

                              so my question is,

                              can you lose weight/fat quickly by not getting new stretch marks?

                              any tips, help??!!

                              THANK YOU !!


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