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It's taken a year but so worth it!

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  • It's taken a year but so worth it!

    Every single food item in our house is now grass-fed, free range, farmer supplied and organic and the results as far as our health, stamina, looks, everything is amazing. We had company the last few days and one morning as we were all having coffee from my organic, fresh ground beans served with my pure stevia and fresh raw heavy cream, our company watched as I cooked up some farm fresh natural thick bacon, ground up my own soaked and blanched nuts and prepped my coconut, which I then turned into amazing home-made pancakes with pure maple syrup and grass-fed butter and served farm fresh eggs on the side. All you could hear was mmm mmm mmm. For dinner they again watched as I ground up some grass fed meat and we made stuffed burgers over fresh picked greens and fresh picked veggies on the side, I also whipped up some mayo while they sat and watched in stunned disbelief.hahahaha, yes I was showing off! But when They left they took a list for shopping and had book-marked this website It is amazing to me that we are actually spending less on food even though we only buy the top food now. We just eat smaller now!

    I also want to add that the difference in my personal weight-loss and health was dramatic once we completely made the switch to all raw dairy and organic foods! It really does affect us if we are taking in the hormone, antibiotic added dairy foods and the meat in the stores is BAD. I could not completely eliminate my inflammation or get the fat melting until I switched everything! Now if I do not have access to good food I fast until I do! No compromise. I thought I had to eliminate dairy completely when all I really had to do was eat the healthy version! What a difference it made for our entire family.

    As soon as you can start slowly replacing everything with the good stuff!! I shop our local wholefoods and buy whatever grass-fed meats are on sale each week (I spend about 30 bucks per week) this week it was london broil, lamb, and bison and liver!

    Has anyone else made the complete switch and noticed a huge change?

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    That sounds awesome!
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey