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Help! I STILL feel super tired and lethargic!

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  • Help! I STILL feel super tired and lethargic!

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around for a while. Internet got shut off thanks to these crazy storms. Anyways. I've been giving 100% since June and I still sleep like 8-11 hours a day. I just don't have energy. I am eating lots of fats and proteins and get my fruits and veggies in. Have recently switched to all organic stuff. Now with school starting back up I let myself stop working out. Then I noticed I was less hungry and more tired. I'll eat maybe two or three eggs and an apple a day along with my supplements. Is it really as simple as kicking my butt into gear and getting back into sync with my workouts or is something else going on?
    Thanks! I hope every one had a safe and happy July 4th!
    Starting weight: 206 lbs in June 2012
    Goal weight: 135 lbs
    Current weight: 187bs Feb 9th, 2013

    The funny thing about getting on and off the wagon for me is, I either dive on or dive off. There is no nice and easy. All or nothing.

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    When I get drowsy mid day I eat a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil.

    The medium chain triglycerides get the ketones burning and clear the fog.

    Other than that, if I feel low energy, I make myself walk or do pushups.