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Almond butter bad for fat loss?

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    Time for an update. I was 183 pounds when I started this thread on 7/22. I cut out almond butter, and weighed 167 pounds today - a 16 pound loss in 7 weeks. (For a total loss of 30 pounds since December, and people at work still haven't noticed. Go figure.)

    I think this was largely a matter of cutting calories. Eliminating almond butter helped me cut my daily calories from the high 3000s to the mid/high 2000s. I don't know where I got the idea that calories don't matter - whether I read it somewhere or just assumed it - but clearly they do.

    However, it took some time for me to be satisfied on fewer calories. When I started doing squats and deadlifts, I was hungry all the time. I'd come back from dinner, everyone else would be full, but I'd have to scramble up six eggs in butter for a post-dinner snack. Today, I can sometimes get through the workday with only one lunch. (Yes, that's progress for me!)

    The only thing is, I can't tell where on my body the weight loss came from. I think I look almost the same as I did at 183 - not fat, but certainly not like the better "after" pictures. But as I continue cutting calories, we'll see what happens.
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      Well done! That's some very significant progress. Congrats.


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        Originally posted by PrimalHunter View Post
        a 16 pound loss in 7 weeks.
        wow, that is fantastic!! I still have 1 - 2 TBL daily. Funny, I never much ate the stuff before Primal. Now my day isn't complete w/o it. But it is one place I could cut some calories if I need to.

        Thanks for sharing!
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          I try to limit nuts and especially nut butters, but I do keep around some of the single serving size packs of Artisana nut butters. They make fabulous raw nut butters (that you can usually find in the vegetarian or raw vegan section of your store), in several different flavors. My favorite is pecan, but they also do walnut, cashew, almond, etc.

          The best part is that they come in single serving size, in little pouches. Each pouch is about 200 calories. I keep one in my purse just in case I get hungry and there's no primal food around. The hubby and I also keep some in our hiking backpacks. They're perfect for when you crap out on a trail.