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How much protein do we really need to eat?

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    Just for you Warmbear.

    A pound of meat is made up of muscle (where the protein is), water, fat, hopefully not much gristle, etc. I haven't found any carbs in animal flesh in my readings for what I eat, but I eat a fairly mundane diet.

    A pound = 16 oz = 452.8 grams (28.3 grams per ounce)

    A pound of the following has the number of grams of protein following it. This for the raw or uncooked product.

    tilapia 80
    squid 67.2
    pork loin 124.8
    chicken liver 84
    chicken thigh 84.8
    chicken breast 96
    bison - lean 99.2
    95/5 grass fed ground beef 118.4

    So, you can see that only about a quarter or less of a pound of animal flesh is pure protein.

    Different sources may give different amounts for the above foods, but they shouldn't vary too much.
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      Awesome, this is what I was searchin for.
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        I base my protein calculations on an average of 7 grams per ounce of meat, cheese, single egg. I drink raw milk and count one gram per ounce. I aim for 100 grams per day.