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Eating primal on an 8 hour shift 3-11

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  • Eating primal on an 8 hour shift 3-11

    I get two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break.

    I'm 18, underweight, 6 ft. Exercise...I need to eat ALOT.

    How am I supposed to get a primal meal in there, any suggestions??

    Most people there just buy these horrendous sandwiches and brownies out of this vending machine, or bring their own sandwiches from home, and as any primal junkie knows, bread CANNOT be in that 20%

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    I generally bring a chunk of whatever meat and some veggies. Today, for example, I have a smoked pork chop with a side of mixed greens with a homemade Cesar dressing.


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      Yeah, best bet would be to make bigger portions when you cook at home, and then bring leftovers to work.


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        Nuts, pieces of cheese, cold sausages, boiled eggs, cut up veggies and dip...would all work for your 10 minute breaks...
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          Originally posted by Ghshl View Post
          Yeah, best bet would be to make bigger portions when you cook at home, and then bring leftovers to work.
          ^^ this.

          i batch cook and then bring some everyday to work. i'm not always hungry enough to eat everything i bring, but it's there so i'm not tempted by other stuff. you get plenty of breaks, so plenty of time to eat. just bring lots of food, lol.
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            Are you me? That's my schedule and situation too. The same horrible vending machines. Except I was 18 and underweight in 1970. I usually just eat 2 meals. I fix them both at the same time, sometimes they are just the same thing. The first and much largest around noon and the second around 6pm. We do have a refrigerator and a microwave in the break area. I hope you do. I use a pyrex container to bring lunch. Then after work I eat a little snack a couple of hours before sleeping. Just make the meals as large as you can with lots of good fats to get as many calories as you need. I do occasionally skip meals but you probably shouldn't. Just eat real, regular, high quality food.