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Leangains and gaining mass

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  • Leangains and gaining mass

    Hey all, I'm 25, 5"10 and about 160 pounds, I want to gain some mass this winter, I never took it seriously and it's time to put some meat on my frame. My question is about Leangains, I've been implementing this into my primal lifestyle but don't know if I can get all my calories for mass in an 8 hour eating window, should I just abandon fasting for a few months? Just do a fast twice a week? Or extend the window to 10 hours?

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    I never considered his approach to be much of a fast considering I only ever ate 2x/day even before primal. That said, you can easily get a ton a calories into 2 meals if you wish.....If you cant, by all means add in another meal.


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      I'm on board with you.. Same height, same weight.. I'm pretty lean right now (8-9%), so would ideally like to keep this leanness, but add 5-10 dense, solid pounds.. (not puffy, water retained weight)

      My thoughts, no cardio, big rest, big compound lifts, continue intermittent fasting eating twice a day, eat a Lot of clean primal foods.. 1-1.5 meats, I'm big on full fat yogurt, 6 eggs in that 1st meal, whole avocado, cooking in heavy olive oil, banana, almonds, some potatoes after workout.. Key is fill up with big calories, & my body doesn't respond well to a lot of veggies & fiber.. I'm more of a "fat" fan than "carb" fan.. But, I'm very sugar & starch sensitive, so fatty meats & lower carb feels best for me.. Just gotta eat a lot of food in two meals a day.. Big lifts, no cardio, a lot of sleep, low stress, Eat MORE..

      & be patient.. May take 6 months+ to add a solid 5-7 pounds (talking about weight that won't leave after missing a few meals & not lifting for a week.. Its easy to pack on "weight" & trap water to tip the scale.. Solid, dense lean muscle takes time.. More time than most are willing to commit)
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        Originally posted by abc123 View Post
        Its easy to pack on "weight" & trap water to tip the scale.. Solid, dense lean muscle takes time.. More time than most are willing to commit)
        I did put on 15lbs in about 8 months with Body by Science and 2 huge meals a day. I'm pretty sure my body fat % remained the same though, which obviously means my muscle gains came with some fat. It's OK I was looking for some bulk. I'm now doing one meal a day with same lifting protocol for a couple months, and making sure to get .7-1g of protein/ lean mass in that meal (call it a cut if you like). Let you know how it all turns out in a couple months . Oh, I'm currently 5'9 165 with an aproximate bf of 12-15%.


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          Hey ABC, I've always been following Jim Wendler, creator of 5/3/1, I'm going to do boring but big, I suggest you check it out, I'm going to skip breakfast and eat around 11-12, which I think will be a fun experiment to see how it effects body fat levels, but I know I have to eat, so I may just fast on my non lifting days, basically a lifting day looks like this, MAIN LIFT 5/3/1 numbers...and an accessory lift for 4 days of a two mile walk with a weighted vest ( hey there low level!) and I'm going to add a day of hill sprints.

          T NATION | The Boring But Big 3-Month Challenge