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  • abnormal blood tests


    i have been following the paleo diet for the last 6 weeks. supplementing with 2-3 tablespoons fish oil and .5-1 gram krill oil per day. ive also not had any alcohol or fruit in attempt to stay in ketosis. my red meat is not grass fed yet.

    ive lost 4% bf and only 4 lbs total. currently 10% bf at 220lbs. and my bp has lowered 20 to 118/80.

    recently got lab results that im concerned about.

    wbc- 4.2 (low)

    eosin - .6% (low)

    lymphs - 45.1 (high)

    ua bilirubin 1+

    trace ketones

    total bilirubin= 1.1

    direct bilirubin= 0.5

    total chol= 259

    ldl= 194

    hdl= 47

    trig= 89

    coronary risk ratio= 5.5

    last years chol=205, ldl=135, hdl=69, trig=79, coronary risk ratio= 3

    i understand the ketones, but not the high bilirubin and cholesterol values. i would have thought the fish and krill oil would have helped with better cholesterol profile.

    should i be concerned?

    thanks in advance,


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    what have you been eating?


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      I am curious about your diet too. Also your stress level, amount of sleep, exercise, etc.


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        eating meat, eggs, nuts, fish, and vegs. no other factors have changed other than my diet.


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          What were the units and reference ranges on your bilirubin measurements? They don&#39;t look terrible to me, but I&#39;d want to see units and normal ranges. Mine are often slightly elevated, and my doctors have always ignored the elevation as insignificant.

          My mom told me that she and one of my brothers have been told they have Gilbert&#39;s syndrome. It is a mild and typically harmless elevation of bilirubin found in 5% of the population.

          If you want to lower your bilirubin, get moderate sun exposure (ie. 10-15 minutes without sunscreen at mid-day), as UV exposure is an extremely effective way to break down bilirubin.

          I&#39;d want my HDL higher, but at least your trig:HDL ratio isn&#39;t terrible.