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  • Dehydrated Fruit?

    Hello all! I know that occasional fruit is a good thing, and I try to incorpate a little bit, but as I'm attempting to lose some serious weight (100+) I try to keep them out for the most part. The less sugar in my sugar-addicted body the better.

    Well, I was thinking that I need to find an option or two for a quick snack, something that could get me through one of those days where I've skipped a meal and am starving and those Dunkin' Donuts shacks are beckoning me. On those days sometimes I just need a little something sweet.

    Recently I found some pre-packaged dehydrated fruit slices in a small market. They were a tad expensive but in reviewing the ingredients list and the nutritional values I was pleased to see that there were NO chemicals and they were purely dehydrated fruit slices. The pear package was about 9 g carbs, the pineapple was about 16 g of carbs.

    I'm just wondering what the thought on this is, generally speaking. I don't want to spike my blood sugar, but this is natural so at least a decent choice. I know fruit will still spike the blood sugar, but might be willing to sacrifice this once or twice a month.

    Does anyone else here eat dehyrdated fruit? Is there something I'm missing or forgetting about? Is this a good choice? Jerky is even more expensive or I'd do that. Can you recommend snacks that aren't highly carbed or require refridgeration...and not nuts as I don't like them?

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    once in a while (hiking or backpacking), but then i have to pick them out of my teeth for the next 10 minutes - sticky buggers!

    seriously though, you'll get more filled up from the fruit that still has water in it.


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      Dehydrated fruit is concentrated fruit. It's not "bad" per se, but if you're trying to lose weight, dehydrated fruits can be little sugar/carb bombs. Think about how long it takes you to eat a plum; now think how long it takes you to eat a prune. You can practically swallow a prune whole; not so a plum.

      Be careful and watch the carbs. Eat whole fruits more than dehydrated ones.
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        Easy go to snacks? How about macadamia nuts or almonds? Wegman's now carries a raw line that is really good and is just nuts (unlike the bulk which has FLOUR as an ingredient in salted macadamias). Organic beef jerky is available gluten free. A baggie of cut veggies. These are all easy go-to snacks. For me, as someone who was heavily sugar-addicted, dried fruit is a dangerous creature. I LOVE it. And then I crave it. So personally, I stay away. If you can afford them, check out the "Paleokits" that are available. Google the term. They might be another solution. Still some dried fruit, but very controlled portions. If you fat-adapt, you might not need it period. I have always carried snacks because I was diagnosed hypoglycemic. I'm now going hours upon hours without eating, and I feel fine.

        Just a few thoughts. Good luck on your goals!
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          Watch the serving size here. Many of these small packages of dried fruit are say 100 grams, but the labelling shows the carbs etc for a say a 30 gram serving.(or for 4 figs rather than the whole package of 14 figs)) In the past i have mistakenly thought the nutritional label was for the whole package. With a small package it is easy to eat the whole thing and get many more carbs than you think. Dried fruit is not very filling.


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            I'd keep away from fructose or anything that will make you crave more carbs. It is so easy too to say you'll have just one and end up having a stack of em.


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              Why can't you eat unprocessed fruit as a snack?
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                We have a good sized stash of home grown, home dried fruit around from last summer. Since I did the processing myself, I know it takes 24 slices to equal 1 apple, peach or pear, so it's easy to portion it out. I don't eat fruit much anymore, but it does help to keep a baggie of it at work, just in case. And sometimes I just don't have any jerky, sardines, boiled eggs or nuts on hand....
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                  There are way better things that you could eat. Jerky and hard boiled eggs are really filling for the calories. I could put down 100 calories of dried fruit and still be hungry. An egg will take me through to the next meal easily.


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                    Originally posted by bellajgw View Post
                    I was thinking that I need to find an option or two for a quick snack, something that could get me through one of those days where I've skipped a meal and am starving
                    Hard boiled egg comes in a nice clean container that can be recycled in compost. I love fruit both fresh & dried but am learning to avoid the carbs and sugar in them to keep losing weight. When out on the hill, I now carry a hard boiled egg & roast chicken thigh for lunch and have a packet of high grade mixed nuts in case of emergencies. As I'm burning fat I can live a whole day on that.
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                      Eggs, nuts, jerky...yes, I know all that. My concern was something I could keep in my purse for those unexpected times. I don't like nuts, so that's out. Jerky, occasionally, but that stuff is EXPENSIVE! Eggs...not quite travel friendly.

                      I took a good luck at the packages and they are clearly marked that each bag contains only 1 serving of fruit (1 pear, 1 apple, 1/4 pineapple, etc). No added sugars or preservatives. I guess in a pinch it would work but I'm not about to buy a huge quantity. Maybe I just need to get my dehydrater out of storage and try jerky in that.

                      Has anyone ever dried veggies? I'm wondering how dried eggplant would work...dried squash or zucchini. Anyone ever tried this? Know of any posts about it that I'm missing?


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                        I've dried carrots, onions, corn, peppers, greens & tomatoes. I was more concerned with storage, so dried them pretty thoroughly. It's possible to snack on them, but they are as chewy as storebought dried fruits. The greens were cool, like very crumbly chips, but not very portable.

                        I wonder if there's some version of pemmican using lots of veggies & fat....
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