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intermittent fasting and calories

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  • intermittent fasting and calories

    Interested in research relating to IF and calories. Specifically, are you more prone to losing weight if you eat the same number of calories IFing? Yes, I know you need to be in a deficit, and that some people find it easier to be in a deficit when IFing, but let's say all things being equal, in a deficit, is more weight lost by practicing intermittent fasting?

    I'm trying it and finding that it does not naturally make it easier for me to keep calories low. I haven't been with it very long so I still get very hungry in the mornings and I'm just wondering if it's worth it!

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    go to lean gains.....Martin has done a post or two about this subject. Don't have time to find the exact posts but I know he has provided extensive research data on the above.


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      I would guess, the number that matters is the cumulative calorie count @ the end of the day.. HOWEVER, for me, intermittent fasting has allowed my gut to heal & digestive system to become more efficient.. So, for me, (an "IBS" sufferer, sugar-sensitive, starch sensitive, &/or "wrecked digestive system from years of SAD & overwhelming grain consumption from "bodybuilding") the less often I eat, the more efficient my body has become @ absorbing nutrients.. Could be summed as, the total number of calories will determine if your weight goes up or down; however, a healing digestive system (one that receives rest by intermittment fasting) absorbing nutrients efficiently will determine the quality of that weight gain or loss.. Just my "primal novice" conjecture
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        See this thread . Read that along with part two and three. Fasting has more to offer than weight loss or what lean gains focuses on.