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Damaged metabolism?

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  • Damaged metabolism?

    There was a very dark time in my life several years back, when I "accidentally" became anorexic. Enough said.
    I have been "truly" primal for about a year, and stopped starving myself about two years ago. I can't afford ALL the best stuff, but I try (grass-fed cheese and butter, raw grass-fed goat's milk, high-quality vitamins, etc). I have regained all my dense muscle-mass, and then a considerable bit more. All necessary body-fat has returned as well. My immune system is absolutely kick-ass, and I can go all day without missing a beat. As long as it is a slow, one.
    You see, my energy levels leave much to be desired. Some days, I feel like Superman. Others, I feel tired all day long. I usually lack the energy for spontaneous, high-energy play (much to my dogs disappointment).
    I have tried adjusting my carbohydrate intake, anywhere from 0-150 grams, and there is simply no appreciable effect. I eat plenty of fatty primal food, take vitamins, and liver tablets. Caloric intake for me (which I am loath to calculate, since it started my self-destruction) is typically 2000-3000 a day. I am 19, male, 5' 5" and 140 or so pounds (working on 150 lean).

    I would be posting a detailed, awesome success story, if I could just get this issue ironed out. Thoughts?

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    Congrats on the strides you have made so far. Just commenting to bump your thread so maybe someone who is more experienced in the primal lifestyle can offer advice


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      Things like liver (not tablets) and coconut oil help with energy. Bone broth is also very healing, so you might try adding that in. Other than that, I see you've played with your carb macros, but how about the others? Have you tried increasing protein or fat? Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated are also huge when it comes to energy.
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        What are your eating patterns? Just meals or do you snack? Sleep? Exercise? Give us the full primal picture.

        In my experience, eating only meals, getting lots of mild exercise and getting 8hrs sleep a day are key to feeling well
        Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

        Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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          Congrats on your progress.
          It can get costly trying to buy the best, the most important thing is eating the right types of foods,non processed etc., then if you can afford it buy the best of organic & grass fed etc.
          Likely your body was going downhill long before you entered your "dark period", so at a guess I would say it is still getting everything balanced, it takes time.
          Without any specific nutrient testing, it's hard to tell what may be lacking for you.
          It may be worth trying some Acetyl L Carnitine, I know a lot of people that have had almost instant results with Fatigue & Energy levels, it is an essential player in, fatty acid metabolism. Most people that use it get significant results within a week if they are going to see anything, some don't get any change at all, so you'll know pretty quickly if that was lacking for you.
          If you can afford it CoEQ10 assists in the same energy pathway, both basically supporting mitochondrial function, so they go well together, but if it is a deficiency in this pathway, either one should show some positive benefits.
          Along with that I would say give it more time, I know with myself once I get rolling and see some results, I start to get impatient and want more, then usually end up with some injury and have to pull back anyway.
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            Originally posted by peril View Post
            What are your eating patterns? Just meals or do you snack? Sleep? Exercise? Give us the full primal picture.

            In my experience, eating only meals, getting lots of mild exercise and getting 8hrs sleep a day are key to feeling well
            Usually two big meals a day. Breakfast about 1 hour hour after I wake-up, during which I do either strength training (compound barbell lifts or Convict Conditioning), or walk my dog. Which activity I do is dependent upon the day of the week. Lunch comes whenever I get hungry, usually 6-10 hours after breakfast. I typically get, without trying really, at least1 gram of protein per pound of body-weight. A rough approximation of fat intake would be something like 100-200 grams a day sometimes a bit more. Keep in mind, any numbers are approximations. I don't keep exact track anymore, nor do I care to. I cycle a great deal, because I enjoy it, and that is my chosen mode of transportation around my small town. Lately I have been making a conscious effort to get to bed shortly after sunset. I actually just bought some coconut oil yesterday, with the MCTs in mind. I began taking 1tbs/day this morning. I really can't stand whole liver, for it's taster and texture. Do the tablets not have at least some of the benefits of whole liver? They are made of raw, dessicated Argentinian beef liver. I'll try some of the other suggestions as well.
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              could be overtraining. could be damaged metabolism due to low thyroid hormone production from overtraining and low carb diet.
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                If there is something I will never be amazed enough, is how good the human body is at repairing itself. Our body is naturally inclined to health (once obstacles are removed).

                Damaged metabolism? Maybe! Actually the theory of the PB is that most people on earth are doing things that are bad for health (and even the most skeptic must admit there is something wrong the official version of what is healthy and what is not).

                Is it damaged forever? I seriously doubt. You may not be Wolverine so it takes time, but healing factor is real.
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