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    In the coming months I will be moving to a remote part of the world for a job opportunity. The only drawback is that the camp I will be staying at will only be able to provide vegetarian meals, with the exception of eggs. I will only be able to travel into a town once or twice a month, and i'm uncertain of what foods would be available and how safe it would be to eat. I'm already a thin person, so I'd rather avoid losing a tremendous amount of weight and muscle during the 6 months I will be at this site. I'm able to bring vitamins and other supplements and to receive very small packages (something the size of a magazine). I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions for things I can bring or have mailed to me in order to avoid excessive loss of weight/muscle?

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    Lots of protein powder? Eggs are vegetarian btw. If you travel to town stock up on eggs they tend to stay good a long while. Does this location have refrigeration?


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      Beef jerky, lots of it. 1 oz has ~ 10g protein, and it keeps forever.