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Need Paleo/Primal experts to debunk this crap im hearing/reading PLEASE

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    Originally posted by KathyH View Post
    Wait, so you would "dismiss" one analysis of one non-scientist or at least you would be skeptical about it but yet would recommend an analysis of another non-scientist? Denise Minger is NOT a scientist, she is an english major, doesn't mean she is wrong but I would recommend drawing your own conclusions or seek conclusions of the scientists in this case than recommending someone to read her analysis as a lot of people take her info at the face value, blindly believing what she says.
    KathyH, a very good point. I actually did not intend to imply "Denise is right, this other dude is wrong," though I can certainly see why my post would lead you to that conclusion. I actually just meant to point out that different people - be they scientists or no - interpret the same scientific studies differently. I would say, though, that the two authors took different approaches in responding to the cited study. The original author cited the study, said "Hey, this shows x and y," while Denise took the time go through it piece by piece and point what she found poor or inconsistent with it. I'm not coming down in favor, necessarily, of either interpretation in this particular case, just wanted to highlight the way different people look at the same piece of data.

    And I agree with you wholeheartedly: that we, as consumers of this information, need to work on being as educated and well-informed as possible, and then draw our own conclusions. One piece of that, of course, is finding sources that we feel are trustworthy and reputable. We won't always be correct when we make those assessments, I suppose, but I think there is value in finding "experts" we feel we can have faith in.
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