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  • i'm a newbie...

    ...just over a week. and for the last couple days i've been fighting a sour stomach. so much so that eating meat is starting to get gross.

    any suggestions? i've been drinking perrier to settle my stomach.

    don't get me wrong, i love meat, but i'm wondering why my stomach is sour. other than steak, i've been eating a lot of spinach, green peppers and cucumbers, and raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

    also, what about daily multi-vitamins, like 1-a-day gummies?

    and what about tums? primal, not primal?

    thanks in advance.

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    and another question....what about eating eggs, know....cracking 3 or 4 in a glass and slamming it?


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      Welcome to the community! Did u always have a problem with Meat making your stomach sour? I am not sure why you would be experiencing digestive problems unless you hadn't eaten meat in a very long time. I am sure someone would advice soon. I see no problem with drinking raw eggs. My brother always did that before he trained for football.


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        Your stomach is sour because of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, this takes time and usually challenges your digestive system-throw in a steak to breakdown and you have a fight in your stomach.
        Lessen the fruit intake and try less volume. You will be filled up by less -try steak and just spinach and onions. Skip a meal and try some of your fruit-your stomach will settle guaranteed. Make sure you are well hydrated as well-don't drink gallons of water but just make sure you are not thirsty, have something hot or cold to drink -tea or coffee but again not too much or some glasses of water but don't be one of those water gallon jug carrying people I see at work. Take the advice for what its worth-not much but something to consider and maybe try.