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timing of taking R-lipoic acid

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  • timing of taking R-lipoic acid

    Does it matter what time of day I supplement with R-lipoic acid? I have been taking it at night, with food, so that the acid doesn't bother my stomach. In the morning, when I take my other supplements, I am fasting, and the R-lipoic acid gives me heartburn.

    However, it is during the fasted state that I most need the blood sugar regulation that the R-lipoic acid provides. Am I wasting the effectiveness of this terrific (and expensive) supplement by having it in my bloodstream mainly while I am sleeping?

    Thanks for your input.

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    It really depends on your own body and what style of eating you're doing. All I can suggest is definitely keep taking the "R" form and don't switch to the synthetic. R-ALA is awesome stuff! Works like a hot damn.


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      I always take mine with food because of the aforementioned heartburn, but it just irritates my throat more than anything.
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